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Bed Bugs
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Bed Bug Services in
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The growing problem of bed bugs is due to a number of factors. Before the dangers of harsher chemicals like DDT were discovered, eliminating bed bugs was not a problem. Today, product knowledge and experience in bed bug elimination is essential. If you think that you have a bed bug infestation, contact Gecko Pest Control for our non-chemical method of treatment. We can provide service for:

Residential Infestations | Commercial Infestations | Multifamily Housing Infestations | Hotel/Motel/B&B Infestations

After twenty-five years, and dealing with all the "Big Company's" and everyone else, the first company to keep us pest free 24/7 is Daren Horton and Gecko Pest Control.

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Our number one method of treatment for termites is Termidor. This system is a proven and highly effective method of killing termites and preventing further infestations. By using a liquid non-repellent, the Termidor treatment system allows the termites to track the chemical along back to the colony, where it will infect and kill any and all termites coming into contact with it.