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Pest Control
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Pest Control Services,
Marshall TX and Surrounding Counties

The sheer number of potential invading species in residential and commercial buildings alike requires extensive knowledge of the various pest threats, as well as the correct treatment to keep those intruders out.
Let Gecko Pest Control identify and correct your pest problem, so you can remain worry and pest-free.


Harmless Wildlife Removal

Pests are not always restricted to insect invaders. Occasionally, larger animals can become trapped or make their home in your home. To remove this problem, all you need to do is contact Gecko Pest Control, where our team is trained to capture without killing. We always focus on removal without harm, by live trapping the problem animal and relocating it to another habitat, a solution that many large pest control companies to not employ.

After twenty-five years, and dealing with all the "Big Company's" and everyone else, the first company to keep us pest free 24/7 is Daren Horton and Gecko Pest Control.

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