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Learn How Gecko Pest Control Is Protecting Customers & Employees

Like you, we are all very concerned about the current situation with the global coronavirus (COVID-19) affecting our community and country. The safety of our team, their families, and our clients remain our top priority.

We are closely monitoring the situation and have been in communication with national leadership at the National Pest Management Association. We are also following the latest guidance we are receiving from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Environmental Protection Agency.

Gecko Pest Control has implemented safe Coronavirus (COVID-19) protection practices effective immediately.

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations we are following:

  • Effective Tuesday, March 17th, all non-essential office employees will begin to work from home.
  • Employees and/or family members of employees who appear to have flu-like or respiratory illness symptoms will be prohibited from work.
  • Routine disinfecting of common work surfaces and shared equipment as well as personal protective equipment (gloves, hand sanitizer, etc.) have been made available to employees.
  • Non-essential travel, events, and group meetings have been cancelled.
  • Our field technicians have been provided sanitizing wipes to frequently clean their phones, they have been instructed not to shake hands, and they will be wearing gloves from the time they enter your home or business to the time they leave.
  • Social distancing is a safe practice for everyone. Communication in person should be no closer than 6 feet.


I do not want someone from Gecko Pest Control coming into my home or business.

We understand your concern, and there’s no need for us to come inside. An exterior maintenance treatment is always the best way to prevent pests such as ants, which are emerging this spring, from entering your home. But should you need additional service on the interior, we would be happy to come back out at no additional cost to you.

If my business is closed, can you still come and service?

Yes, and we recommend it to manage pest issues before they get out of hand. Mice, roaches and other pests do not care about coronavirus. We can perform an exterior service, schedule a time that works for you, or you can provide us with key access.

Will there be any changes to the treatment?

While we do not expect changes, the current environment is fluid and rapidly changing for everyone. We may make some scheduling changes, which could limit availability, due to requests related to the coronavirus or availability.

What if I have an interior pest issue, can you still do that?

Of course! We will provide interior treatments as necessary to address your pest issues in the event that it cannot be treated from the exterior. However, if you are aware that someone in your household/facility is ill or suspected to have come in contact with coronavirus, we ask that you refrain from interior service, and we may decline the service to protect our staff, their families and our community.