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Complete Pest Control In Marshall

When pests are invading your home, it’s difficult to find peace of mind. Whether you’re dealing with rodents, cockroaches, or other pest infestations, Gecko Pest Control is here to help! We are dedicated to giving you the best pest control in Marshall, Texas.

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Hometown Best Award winning from 2011-2020

Award-Winning Service

We are proud to have won the "Hometown Best" award for Pest and Termite Service Company for the last six years in a row.

dedicated to our community - 2016 small business of the year award

Dedicated to Our Community

When we aren't busy protecting our neighbors from pests, our team is active in the community - serving as volunteer firefighters, members of the Rotary, and the local PTA.

Locally Owned and Operated in East Texas

Locally Owned and Operated

Gecko Pest Control has been dedicated to providing unmatched quality and service to the East Texas community for over 20 years!


Scheduling was a breeze, the technician was punctual and knowledgeable,and treatment was very thorough and started producing results immediately. 

Pest Control In Marshall

At Gecko Pest Control, we’re dedicated to getting you the quality and affordable pest control in Marshall that you want and need. Our exterminators in Marshall are state-licensed professionals who will get the job done quickly and effectively. To best serve you and your individual pest control needs, we offer protection against the following pests:

  • Ants
  • Cockroaches
  • Rodents
  • Crickets
  • Silverfish
  • Spiders
  • Bees and Wasps
  • Carpet Beetles
  • Centipedes
  • And many more!

Save $50 On Comprehensive Pest Control In Marshall

Our pest control exterminators in Marshall, TX use targeted treatment applications to quickly eliminate pests and prevent a resurgence. At Gecko Pest Control, we pride ourselves on professional service and complete customer satisfaction. We are committed to providing you with the best pest control in Marshall. 

When you partner with Gecko Pest Control for pest control in Marshall, Texas, you can expect the following:

  • A thorough pest inspection to identify pest type and degree of infestation.
  • A custom treatment plan tailored to your property and pest control needs.
  • The option for a one-time pest control service to quickly target pests in your home or commercial building.
  • The option for monthly pest control service to guarantee effective, long-term pest control.
  • Follow-up visits until your pest problem has been completely resolved.

Save on a Pest Control Program

Highly Trained Marshall Exterminators

Our exterminators are often regarded as extremely reliable and highly knowledgeable. We consider ourselves a team of friendly professionals that are proud to serve our community. We are committed to providing you with effective pest control in Marshall for a safe and long-term pest-free property. This is why we make sure all of our exterminators are fully trained and are regularly expanding their knowledge and skill set through continuing education. By doing this, our team consistently stays at the top of their field and our services continue to evolve and improve.

Bed Bug Treatment In Marshall

When bed bugs infest your home, these pests can quickly infest a room, hiding in your furniture, mattress, and even your clothes. Gecko Pest Control can help you get the bed bug treatment you need as soon as you need it! We’re here to help exterminate bed bugs and keep them out of your home for good. 

When you partner with Gecko Pest Control for bed bug treatment in Marshall, you can expect the following:

  • A pre-service inspection of your home to identify areas infested with bed bugs.
  • A free quote for bed bug treatment in your home.
  • The choice between insecticide treatment or heat treatment to better serve you and your family’s schedules and needs.
  • Three treatment applications when you choose our insecticide treatment method.
  • A 24-hour minimum heat treatment when you choose our heat treatment method.
  • A final inspection to guarantee the complete elimination of bed bugs in your home.

Save 10% on Bed Bug Treatment

How Do Bed Bug Heat Treatments Work?

Bed bug heat treatments are the most effective bed bug treatment in Marshall. By raising the temperature of a room above the temperature a bed bug can survive, we quickly exterminate bed bugs of all stages of their life cycle, including eggs, larvae, and full adults. Bed bug heat treatments are safe for your home and belongings and require much less prep compared to traditional liquid treatments. 

Termite Control In Marshall

Termites can go unnoticed for a while, slowly and silently damaging the structural integrity of your home. Gecko Pest Control is here to save you from termites! To give you extra protection, we offer a 1-year guarantee that is renewable on a yearly basis on our termite control in Marshall. This ensures that the termites we exterminated do not have a chance to re-infest your home.

When you partner with Gecko Pest Control for termite treatment in Marshall, you can expect the following:

  • A pre-service inspection for termites around your property.
  • A free quote following inspection for termite control for your home.
  • A custom treatment plan to get you the service you need and to get termites out quickly and effectively.
  • Soil treatment around and under the affected structure to ensure long-term protection from termites.


Mosquito Control In Marshall

Enjoying the outdoors can be a lovely experience until the mosquitoes begin to bite. Aside from their itchy bites, mosquitoes can spread harmful diseases such as Yellow fever and West Nile virus. At Gecko Pest Control, we’re committed to eliminating mosquito populations around your property for long-term protection! 

When you partner with Gecko Pest Control for mosquito control in Marshall, you can expect the following:

  • A pre-service inspection for mosquitoes around your property, identifying problem areas where mosquitoes may be nesting, hiding, or breeding.
  • A quote following the inspection to ensure the best mosquito control for your property.
  • A monthly fogging service, which guarantees recurring treatment to help control mosquito populations.
  • Fast-acting treatments for quick, effective mosquito control.
  • Recurring maintenance and inspections to guarantee long-lasting protection from mosquitoes.

Whether you’re looking for recurring mosquito control treatments or to have a cutting-edge In2Care system installed on your property, the team of mosquito exterminators at Gecko Pest Control has the services you and your property needs! 

Questions about our Mosquito Control services? Give our team a call today at 903-472-4973!

Rodent Control in Marshall

Millions of households deal with mice and rats each year, especially when colder weather sets in and rodents seek warmth, shelter, and easy food. Unfortunately, these pests can sneak into your home through any dime-sized hole. They can make nests in the walls of even the cleanest and most well-kept home. If you notice bite marks on pantry items or hear scratching in the walls, it’s time to call Gecko Pest Control’s trusted rodent exterminators.

When you partner with Gecko for rodent removal in Marshall, you can expect: 

  • A thorough, comprehensive home inspection from a highly trained rodent exterminator. 
  • A customized treatment plan that accounts for the severity of your rodent infestation as well as the unique layout of your home. 
  • Rodent exclusion work to repair any holes and cracks through which rats and mice enter your home. 
  • Family-friendly removal methods and recurring service options. 
  • A 30-day satisfaction guarantee. 

Get your free rodent inspection!

Eco-Friendly And Efficient Treatment

At Gecko Pest Control, we’re committed to using eco-friendly and family-friendly pest control methods for all of our services, including rodent control. Our methods are safe for your kids, your pets, and the environment. All our exterminators complete ongoing training and education to ensure you’re getting the latest eco-friendly mouse control and rat control techniques. 

Ant Control in Marshall

Ants, due to their small size and large numbers, are great at sneaking into our homes - but you don’t have to be stuck with them once they get inside! At Gecko Pest Control, our ant control in Marshall works quickly and effectively, keeping your home ant-free for the long run.

Our ant exterminators in Marshall will provide you with:

  • A total home inspection from a rigorously trained ant exterminator.
  • Identification and closure of ant entry points.
  • A customized ant treatment plan designed specifically to meet your needs.
  • Monthly ant control service. 
  • Follow-up visits to make sure ants don’t come back.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction.
  • And more!

Contact Us For Ant Control

Experienced and Removal

With over 20 years of local pest control experience, you can count on us to get rid of ants. No other pest control company matches the drive and passion for customer service that we bring to our customers every day. So pass on the DIY solutions that don’t work, and let the experts at Gecko Pest Control provide you with the ant control you need.

30-Day Guarantee On Pest Control Services

At Gecko Pest Control, we are committed to building and maintaining professional relationships with you. As our neighbor, your total satisfaction is our top priority. Our expert pest control technicians in Marshall work hard to give you what you need. In order to better serve your home for your pest control needs, we offer a 30-day guarantee on our one-time, comprehensive pest control service. We want you to get the most affordable and comprehensive pest control in Marshall, and we guarantee to deliver quality results!

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