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The moment you discover bed bugs is the moment you never want to see one again. With their painful, itchy bites and extreme resistance to OTC products, these unwelcome guests quickly take away any chance of getting a good night of rest.

At Gecko Pest Control, we understand the importance of taking swift action when it comes to ridding your home of bed bugs. Our bed bug exterminators inspect your home before and after each service to ensure we provide the perfect treatment based on your needs and that our treatments are successful. We believe you deserve to have options when it comes to bed bug treatments for your home, and we do everything in our power to support your full recovery.

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Our Approach To Your Bed Bug Problem

At Gecko Pest Control, our goal is to provide you with comprehensive, quick-acting, and safe bed bug treatments in East Texas so you can feel at home in your own space again. We have partnered with Azex Pest Solutions in Prescott, Arizona, to perfect our pest control solutions, bringing back innovative bed bug treatment methods such as traditional and heat-based applications. Our highly trained Longview pest control technicians can use EPA-approved products to treat your home or rely on bed bug heat treatments that address extensive infestations. Both of our bed bug service options guarantee the safe removal of bed bugs from your home. 

Here's what you can expect from our heated bed bug control services in East Texas:

  • Overnight Process – This method takes just 24 hours from start to finish for a full treatment.
  • Environmentally Friendly – This method requires no chemicals or toxins, just continuous convection heat distributed by fans to eliminate bed bugs and eggs alike.
  • No Property Damage – Heating does not require throwing away mattresses and furniture.
  • Odor Eliminator – Heat treatments remove odors and sanitize the inside air.
  • Dries Interior – Drying the inner structure helps prevent additional infestations and abates the conditions that support the life cycle of bed bugs.

Our traditional bed bug treatments offer similar results:

  • Extremely effective — We can resolve infestations quickly.
  • Low impact — Our EPA-approved products work well in any home.
  • Very proactive — We'll work with you to keep your home pest-free.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can expect the following from every bed bug control process:

  • A thorough bed bug inspection in your home prior to service
  • A free quote for bed bug treatment in your home
  • The choice of either traditional or heat treatment to best suit the needs of your family
  • Three treatment applications (when you choose our traditional treatment method) to protect your home from bed bugs
  • Our highly effective heat treatment for a minimum of 24 hours (when you choose our heat treatment method) to eliminate bed bugs in a single treatment
  • A final bed bug inspection to ensure the complete eradication of bed bugs

Every bed bug inspection comes with a free quote and a 30-day elimination guarantee. We promise to stop your pest infestations without a shred of doubt!

Call Gecko Pest Control today to learn more about our bed bug control procedure.

We rely on our awesome customers to ensure every bed bug treatment goes off without a hitch. For this reason, we provide a full bed bug prep sheet for residential and commercial properties:

  • Bag clothes and clothes with any chance of contamination.
  • Empty drawers and closets and place belongings into plastic bags.
  • Place all clothing and coats into bags for transportation to the laundry.
  • Make sure experts can access furniture, closets, beds, and baseboards.
  • Do not use pesticide bombs, foggers, or sprays before heat treatment.
  • Remove any electronics (alarm clocks, TV, etc.) from the home.
  • All pets and people must leave the house during treatment and cannot return until four hours after treatment is complete.

You can get the full prep sheet by calling Gecko Pest Control. Our termite control service includes a 30-day warranty. If you are a customer with a recurring pest control plan, your termite control service is covered for the duration of your service plan.

Bed bugs are highly resistant to topical treatments. The infestation rate across the world has increased 50% per year for the last decade, and the Dallas area has reported a 12 and 13% increase in the last two years. Heat treatments are an effective way to destroy adult bed bugs and their eggs. Many traditional treatments do not affect the eggs, which is why infestations reoccur even after professional treatment. With a bed bug heat treatment from Gecko Pest Control, this won't be a problem. Our methodology is guaranteed to wipe out your bed bug infestation completely.

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"I just wanted to say that y’all have some of the best and kind hearted employees working for Gecko. Landen came out today and went above and beyond to represent the company and who he is as a person. I am very thankful for his hospitality and professionalism. Great team you have!!  Proud to be a Gecko customer."

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"Love this company. Very professional. All there employees are professional, knowledgeable, helpful and just darn nice!"

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"Ryan did a very thorough job in spraying around the house. He walked the exterior of the house with me to learn my specific needs. He was even very helpful to help move the humming bird feeders before this initial spray.  Daren was also very informative I’m explaining the services.  They were able to come out the day I called and were prompt arriving."

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