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The Most Effective Mosquito Control For Your Longview Home

A mosquito on a flower

Nothing ruins an outdoor summertime festivity quite like a scourge of mosquitoes biting you and your guests. Incessantly swatting them away and slapping your arms and legs when you feel them on your skin is nobody's idea of a good time. 

Enter in the professionals at Gecko Pest Control, who have made it our mission to provide you with the most effective pest control in Longview to guarantee your backyard cookouts and outdoor gatherings don't include unwelcome guests of the insect variety. It doesn't get any better than enjoying your outside environment with no mosquitoes to disrupt the good cheer. Let's explore more about these nuisance insects: their habits, surprising ecological contributions, and prevention tips to keep you and your family safe.

The Role Mosquitoes Play In Our Ecosystem

As much as mosquitoes annoy you to the point that you wish we lived in a world without them, there is some shocking news to share. We need them to keep our ecosystem running smoothly. Yes, those microscopic insects that feed on your blood, leaving you with painful, itchy bumps that can swell to an enormous size, are actually necessary. They play a significant part in the ecological hierarchy, and even with over 3,500 species of mosquitoes worldwide, not all of them bite people. Take a look at the list below of five positive traits mosquitoes have: 

  1. They remove waste that can be harmful to humans and animals, such as parasites, algae, fungi, and other microorganisms.
  2. They aid in formulating new medicines as their saliva contains chemicals that can prevent blood from clotting. 
  3. They help keep rainforests from human development by making the environment inhabitable and unendurable. 
  4. They make a highly nutritious, protein-packed meal for many species. 
  5. They are pollinators that feed on the nectar of flowers, fertilizing plants, thus, allowing them to generate seeds for reproduction.

Even though a mosquito's purpose is not only to annoy you and ruin your outdoor fun, having too many around on your property could become a problem. In such cases, contact Gecko Pest Control to assist you with mosquito management. 

All The Reasons You Don't Want Mosquitoes Hanging Around

As minuscule as they are, some mosquitoes are extremely harmful and spread a wide range of viruses that can cause severe illness. During past times of serious outbreaks, even the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) issued guidelines to state and local authorities on taking proactive mosquito control measures to protect affected populations. Out of over 200 kinds of mosquitoes in the United States, only 12 types are responsible for spreading most diseases that can infect humans. We have provided a list of five of those diseases below:

  1. West Nile Virus
  2. Zika Virus
  3. Dengue
  4. Malaria 
  5. Yellow Fever

So, if a scourge of mosquitoes is hanging around your yard, it's time to call in reinforcements in pest management services near you. Qualified professionals dispense the best pesticide for mosquitoes there is, putting an end to their swarming so that you may resume enjoying the outdoor spaces on your property again. 

Four Easy And Effective Mosquito Prevention Tips

Being proactive is one of the best ways to arm yourself against mosquitoes this season. Taking preventative measures will ensure that guests who attend your outdoor get-togethers only leave with delicious leftovers and not numerous bug bites. Look over the list of four super simple ways you can deter mosquitoes starting today:

  1. Put up insect-repelling lights.
  2. Pour coffee grounds over standing water to kill mosquito eggs.
  3. Dry up any standing water you notice on your property.
  4. Plant herbs and specialty plants that mosquitoes hate the smell of, like lemongrass and citronella.

Of course, your local pest control is the best at delivering optimal mosquito control services that can completely rid your yard of those pesky insects just in time for the summer. 

Call The Professionals About Total Mosquito Control For Your Yard

Home remedies and DIY certainly have their place in resolving simple household issues. Still, if the goal is to maintain a place without mosquitoes, that's the time to get professional pest control involved. With thousands of mosquitoes hatching daily, eliminating them is nearly impossible.

At Gecko Pest Control, we've been the go-to solution to keep mosquitoes away from our residents since 2000. Our highly trained team of professional technicians uses the latest knowledge and tools of the trade to conquer pesky mosquitoes in Longview homes and businesses. We offer flexible scheduling as well as a fully backed satisfaction guarantee. Reach out to us today to schedule your free estimate or inspection.