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What Kind Of Problems Can Silverfish Cause In Your Longview Home?

A silverfish crawling on a mat

Having a silverfish infestation can be a nightmare for some Texas homeowners. These invasive creatures can quickly invade your home and cause a lot of damage to your personal property. At Gecko Pest Control, we have been dealing with silverfish for over two decades. Our experienced technicians provide the best pest control in Longview and know how to utilize the latest technology to completely rid your home of every pest.

How To Tell If You Have A Silverfish Problem In Your Home

Silverfish are some of the most unique-looking insects in Longview. They have long, slender bodies about an inch long and shaped like a long teardrop. They have two long antennae on the head and three tail-like appendages coming from the rear end. Silverfish also have silver metallic scales that give them their fish-like appearance. They also walk in a slithering motion, which helps to make them look even more like fish.

Silverfish are both small and fast. Sometimes, it can be difficult to spot these bugs in your home. However, there are several signs that you can look for, which include the following:

  • Small, dark, and round silverfish droppings that look similar to a peppercorn
  • Transparent skin casings shaped like a silverfish
  • Yellow stains from the yellow dust that silverfish emit when they molt

Silverfish like to munch on various objects. If you have a silverfish infestation, you may also notice small holes in some of the objects around your house.

Are Silverfish Harmful To My Family Or Possessions?

Silverfish may look scary, but they are not known to pose any serious health risks to humans. They cannot bite or sting and are not venomous. However, they do like to eat starchy foods that are high in carbohydrates. You may find them inside bags of flour or boxes of oats. They can contaminate food by leaving their droppings in the food container. If you see these bugs in or near your food, you should discard the food immediately.

When it comes to finding a meal, silverfish are not too picky. Silverfish will eat anything starchy, including paper, clothing, and even glue. If you have a silverfish infestation, you could end up with holes in your books, clothes, and other objects. 

How Can I Prevent Silverfish In My Home?

To keep silverfish out of your home, follow these steps:

  • Remove object from your home that has adhesives.
  • Keep your dry food in airtight containers.
  • If you have any unused blankets or clothes, keep them in a plastic bin or a zippable bag when not in use.
  • Make sure to remove any standing water from around your home and fix any leaky faucets or pipes as soon as possible.
  • Use caulking or some other durable material to seal up any cracks, gaps, or other potential entry points around your home.

Silverfish will come into your home for food, water, and shelter. If you make these three necessities inaccessible to them, silverfish will be less likely to enter your house.

What Can I Do To Remove The Silverfish From My Home?

Because they are so small and fast, it can be incredibly difficult to catch and remove silverfish from your Longview home yourself. If you think you have silverfish inside your house, don't hesitate to give us a call. At Gecko Pest Control, we can get rid of the silverfish from your home quickly and then take comprehensive steps to ensure they don't come back. Schedule your free no-obligation inspection today!