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Centipede Control 101: Tips And Tricks For A Bug-Free Marshall Home

House centipede

Have you ever caught a bug moving across your floor at a million miles per hour? This is especially creepy when it happens at night. One local bug, or rather an arthropod, that does this is the centipede. This pest loves to skitter around inside local homes and is sometimes a big problem for homeowners.

If you would like help with the centipedes inside your Marshall home, talk with our team at Gecko Pest Control about our advanced centipede control offerings. We will find an option to help you quickly control these pests. Keep reading to learn more about the centipedes in Marshall and learn how to prevent them with some eco-friendly prevention methods. 

The Life Cycle Of Common Centipedes

Centipedes are one of the longer-living pests here in Marshall. They start out as eggs laid in secluded and damp areas, like soil outdoors during the spring and summer. Once hatched, these pests start to grow. They do not stop growing until the day they die. Some types of centipedes are born with a complete set of legs. Others grow more as they age.

The most common centipede species in Marshall is the house centipede. This is yellow to dark brown with black bands on its legs and body. It grows between? and 6” long and is incredibly fast. If you would like to avoid these pests locally, you need some form of control. Before we talk about this, let’s answer the question, “Can centipedes bite?”

Centipedes Aren't As Dangerous As They Look

The centipede usually has a louder bark than their bite. This isn’t to say that they make much noise but that their bite isn’t that powerful. Now, different kinds of centipedes pose different levels of risk. There are some species that cause a fair amount of pain. Thankfully, there are no species locally that experts consider to be life-threatening.

The most dangerous centipede is the redheaded centipede. This pest is most harmful to infants, the elderly, and people with poor health. They are not, however, as likely to invade homes as the house centipede. 

Four Eco-Friendly Centipede Prevention Tips for Your Home

Centipedes in Marshall are much more likely to invade a home that is accessible. To make sure your dwelling has the proper protection against a potential invasion, consider putting in place these three eco-friendly exclusion measures and a bonus centipede prevention tip

  1. Thoroughly inspect your home’s exterior foundation for gaps, holes, and cracks. Seal up these potential entry points using some silicone caulk or liquid cement.
  2. Inspect your exterior doors and windows. Make sure they are properly sealed and undamaged.
  3. Make sure all of your exterior doors and windows are in good working condition, and keep unscreened windows and doors closed when you are not using them.
  4. (Bonus) Turn off exterior lights when it gets dark out or invest in insect-resistant bulbs to deter the pests that centipedes invade to hunt. 

For more help with home pest control in Marshall, talk with our team at Gecko Pest Control.

How To Get Rid Of A Centipede Problem In Your Home

If you are looking for how to get rid of house centipedes or want a long-term option to keep these pests out of your home, we have what you need at Gecko Pest Control.

Our team works faithfully to help locals find freedom from all sorts of common pest invaders. We would love to pay you a visit and find a treatment that will help you deal with these terrible arthropod invaders. Call Gecko Pest Control to learn more about our centipede control and find a treatment time that works for your Marshall home.