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Winning The Battle Against Ants In Hallsville: Expert Advice On Effective Control

carpenter ant control

When you walk around your home, do you see pests like ants? Lots of people here in Hallsville cannot go a day without seeing these bugs indoors. If this is the case for you, you are in the right place. We are ant removal and prevention experts with a lot of knowledge on the matter.

If you would like immediate help with these or other local pests, call our team at Gecko Pest Control. To learn more about the different types of ants in Hallsville and the problems they cause, here are some things to think about.

Ant Identification: Species Found In Hallsville

Hallsville is home to more than a few different types of ants. Some of the most common types include fire ants, little black ants, and carpenter ants.

Fire ants rarely invade homes but are a huge problem outdoors. They take over large areas of turf and defend their property aggressively. Fire ants are especially problematic because of the way they bite and sting humans. If you are allergic to venom, you will absolutely want to avoid these pests. Little black ants are the most common invasive species. These tiny bugs sneak in through tiny gaps, cracks, and other openings in the exterior of buildings. Finally, there are carpenter ants. These larger ants chew tunnels into the structural wood of buildings, trees, and stumps. They are one of the worst local species, as they cause extensive damage to homes. 

Ant Behavior: How They Find Their Way Inside

Normal ants get into homes by crawling through tiny gaps, holes, cracks, and other openings. Sometimes, they crawl through open windows and doors. Other times, they sneak in around utility piping, water fixtures, wires, and damage to foundational concrete slabs. The smaller an ant is, the smaller the space needs to be.

Keeping this in mind, there are some local species that are as small as 1/16” long. These pests do not need much to invade a home. If you would like to avoid an ant infestation locally, your best option is to hire an ant control professional. 

Professional Ant Control: A Great Way To Get Rid Of An Infestation

Getting ants out of your home without professional help is a huge challenge. If you would like help combating these terrible home-invading insects, we have everything you need at Gecko Pest Control.

Let us pay you a visit and identify where these pests are coming from and how many there are. We will let you know what we find and offer a quick treatment to give them the boot. We will then offer some long-term ant control services to make sure they do not come back. If you are debating about ongoing protection or are looking for a DIY option to deter these pests, here are some methods we recommend. 

Prevention Is Key: Tips To Prevent Ants From Coming Back

There is a lot that you can do to reduce your chances of finding ants inside your home. Here are some amazing strategies to start with.

  • Seal holes, gaps, and other openings around your home’s exterior foundation.
  • Make sure your doors and windows are working properly and that they have proper seals. 
  • Close unscreened windows and doors if you are not using them.
  • Clean your home often and do your best to address messes when they occur.
  • Store your food inside air-tight containers.

Call our team at Gecko Pest Control to learn about ant control in Hallsville. You might find that ongoing protection is much more affordable than you think.