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All The Ways Fleas Can Find Their Way Into Your Longview Home And How To Keep Them Out

Flea biting human skin

It feels good to scratch an itch. It does not feel good to be constantly itchy. Unfortunately, itchiness is something that is hard to avoid when pests like fleas are around. These little bugs love to bite humans and animals. This is a problem. If you haven’t taken the time to consider these pests, we have some things you need to think about today.

First, consider the benefits of professional flea control in Longview. Let our team at Gecko Pest Control share some of our control options and find a quick method to remove and keep these bugs out of your home. To find out more about fleas and how they get into homes here in Longview, read further. 

How To Identify A Flea Problem In Your Home

Fleas are not always difficult to identify. If you have furry friends, you will have an easier time spotting these pests. Watching cat and dog behavior is a great place to start. If your pets start to over-itch or bite their fur, check them for fleas, flea dirt, and flea eggs.

If you do not have pets, fleas will be more challenging to identify. You are most likely to find these tiny bugs hiding in carpets and fabrics that mimic fur. Bite marks on your skin are one good indication of a potential problem. The best way to find out for certain if your home has an active infestation is to bring in our team for a quick inspection. We will check your home for signs of activity and help you assess your risk of bites.

Why Having Fleas In Your Home Is A Health Risk

Avoiding fleas is important. These pests are an active threat to your health and the health of your family and pets.

Fleas regularly bite humans and animals and can pick up harmful blood-borne diseases from doing so. Common diseases these insects spread include tularemia, the bubonic plague, typhus, and Bartonella. They also spread things like tapeworms to animals. This is a huge problem. We highly recommend putting in place some form of protection to help you avoid flea bites inside your home. 

All The Ways Fleas Can Find Their Way Into Your Home

Fleas are not limited when it comes to invasion options. Although small, they are able to hop their way into homes through gaps, holes, and other larger openings.

These tiny pests might also hitch rides on furry animals. Your pets are a great source of transportation. The same thing is true for wildlife invaders like bats, birds, mice, and rats. Any of these creatures could easily transport a flea infestation into your home. This makes control a bit more difficult. Whether you are already dealing with an active infestation or are looking to avoid a future invasion, here are some things to consider about professional control.

The Best Way To Completely Get Rid Of Fleas In Your Home

There are so many reasons why you should invest in professional flea removal services. Here are just a few.

  • Fleas are dangerous.
  • Fleas are difficult to control.
  • A professional will handle your problem right the first time.
  • Professional treatments can help you deter infestations year-round.
  • Hiring a professional brings an ongoing peace of mind about dangerous pests.

If you are still on the fence about bringing in our team, check out our many services pages. We have tons of information, reviews, and accommodations to help you make an informed decision. Call Gecko Pest Control if you are ready to invest in home pest control for your Longview home and property.