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Getting Rid Of Rats: What The Experts In Kilgore Want You To Know

brown rat crawling near foundation

Rats are not like other pests. It’s almost as if they have superpowers. As strange as this may sound, what other creature do you know that has the ability to chew through walls or jump over a foot into the air? There are only a handful of animals that actively do this.

Fortunately, there are still ways to stop these furry pests from getting indoors. Here is what you should know about the rats in Kilgore and methods to effectively get and keep them out of your home. Call Gecko Pest Control if you are looking for professional options to handle these or other rodents. Let our team walk you through our rat removal services in Kilgore and find a treatment time that works best for you and your property. 

Understanding Rat Behavior: Insights For Effective Rat Control

Rats in Kilgore are fairly easy to understand. They are highly motivated by food and shelter. If they can find an environment that allows them to live safely and maintain a full belly, they will stick around. This is a big problem if you own a home.

Most homes have lots of cozy places for rats to hide. As for food, these pests have no difficulty chewing their way into pantries and nibbling through boxes of food. They will also scavenge under couches, on tables, and in other areas late at night to find snacks. If you are not careful, a couple of rats will turn into a full-blown rat infestation. Our goal today is to help you deal with these pests before they cause too much trouble indoors.

Hidden Hazards: Health And Property Risks Posed By Rat Infestations

There are many hidden threats that come with a rat infestation. To start, these furry pests are destructive. They regularly gnaw holes through walls and into pantries. They will also sever electrical wires and damage utility piping while trying to make pathways inside your walls. This isn’t even mentioning all the ways rats tear up insulation, fabrics, and paper to build their nests.

On the other side of things, rats are dangerous. These pests spread disease in multiple different ways. The most common way people get sick is by interacting with rodent droppings. If you want to stay safe, your best bet is to invest in some form of rodent control. 

Rat Prevention Tips: Eliminating Attractants And Sealing Entry Points

Taking care of an active rat problem is harder than keeping these pests at bay. If you are not currently dealing with an active infestation, here are some rodent prevention tips that will help you deter these local rodents.

  • Seal potential entry points in your home’s exterior.
  • Make sure to equip your trash cans with pest-proof lids.
  • Store leftovers inside air-tight containers.
  • Keep your living areas clean.
  • Address areas of clutter inside and around your home.

Talk with our team at Gecko Pest Control if you would like to know about our rat control offerings.

Call The Rat Control Experts: Ensuring Safe And Effective Elimination

Getting a professional involved is a quick way to handle rodent problems. If you think rats are living inside your Kilgore home, do not hesitate to involve our team at Gecko Pest Control.

We are a licensed and highly-trained pest control provider that services lots of homes and properties locally. Let us pay you a visit to find out what types of rats you are dealing with and offer a solution to get them out fast. Call Gecko Pest Control now to learn more about rat control in Kilgore and schedule your home for an appointment.