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How Weather Conditions Affect Rat Infestations: Seasonal Strategies For Jefferson

Rat in a tea set

When it gets cold outdoors, do you feel compelled to spend more time outside? Many locals enjoy going for long walks in the brisk winter air. Others like to stay indoors to stay warm. Regardless of which side you fall on, one thing will always be true: you will need to warm up eventually. This is also true for rats.

As temperatures drop here in Jefferson, these pests will be more and more encouraged to invade homes. If they are already inside your home, call our team at Gecko Pest Control. We have amazing options for rat control and would be happy to help you get rid of these pests fast. Read further to learn more about the habits of different types of rats and learn what it takes to keep them out of your home.

How Weather Affects Rat Nesting And Breeding Habits

Rats do not always look for ways to invade homes here in Jefferson. They often live outdoors, sheltering in trees, hollow stumps, and other protected areas. However, as the weather cools off, these local rodents will look for warmer places to live. This often drives them into homes. If they can find a gap, hole, or other entry point around your building's exterior, they will come indoors and look for a more permanent place to lay their heads.

Once indoors, they will tear up insulation, fabrics, and other things to gather materials for their nest. You will most commonly find rat nests in attics, basements, and other secluded locations. To find out if your home has a rat infestation, bring in our team for a quick inspection. 

Understanding The Threat: Why Mouse And Rat Prevention Matters

If rats were harmless, it would not be so terrible that they invade homes here in Jefferson. Unfortunately, these pests are a big threat.

Not only do they spread diseases with their fecal droppings and urine, but these common rodents also get people sick with their bites and the pests they carry inside their fur. Fleas and ticks are two common creatures that use rats to invade homes. If you do not like the idea of getting sick and are seeing signs of rats around your living areas, call our team ASAP.

Adapting Rat Control Strategies To Jefferson's Climate

As the temperatures drop locally, it is up to you to make sure your home is rat-proof. Here are some simple strategies to make sure these pests stay outside where they belong. 

  • Address potential entry points around your home’s exterior by fixing areas of damage and sealing windows and doors.
  • Keep your living areas clean and tidy.
  • Make sure your trash cans have rodent-proof lids.
  • Clean up clutter around your yard.
  • Fix moisture problems like damaged gutters and leaky piping.

For additional help dealing with different types of rats on your property, talk with our team at Gecko Pest Control about our advanced control services. 

Year-Round Rat Prevention: Comprehensive Strategies In Jefferson

Rat removal is not easy. If these furry pests are settling in inside your home, seek help from our team at Gecko Pest Control. We will make your life easy by finding a quick and effective professional solution for these invaders. Let us start by inspecting your home and property for signs of these pests. We will then utilize advanced control methods to address the problems you are facing. 

Call our team at Gecko Pest Control if you would like to learn more about how we control rats in Jefferson, and make an appointment to have these furry invaders removed from your home and property.