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What You Need To Know About Rodents In Longview, Texas

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Rodents are curious pests that call our yards and houses home here in Longview, Texas. Rodents love to live with people, so avoiding them is difficult. You can learn how to prevent and control rodent infestations in your home with the help of the pest guide below.

What are rodents?

Rodents belong to the order Rodentia, the largest order of mammals. All rodents have sharp front incisors that grow continuously throughout their life; therefore, they must gnaw on things constantly to keep their teeth from overgrowing.

The mouse and the rat are two of the most common types of rodents that invade our properties and become an issue for people. Both are fast, prolific breeders, and their adaptability allows them to live and thrive wherever we live.

Mice are small rodents with oval bodies. They have triangular-shaped heads and ears that stand up off their heads. A light layer of velvety fur covers the tail and ears of a mouse.

Rats are larger than adult mice, though young rats can be mistaken for adult mice. Depending on the species, rats can have a slim or heavy build. They have hairless ears and scaly tails.

When dealing with rodents on your property, the best way to accurately identify and appropriately treat the species present is by reaching out to a Longview, TX pest control professional.

Are rodents dangerous?

Rodents are well-known for spreading human pathogens that make people ill and dangerous in and around your home. In addition to spreading diseases, we consider rodents dangerous for the following reasons:

  • Their shed fur and feces create allergens that cause breathing difficulties and other allergy symptoms.
  • Urine and excrement buildup creates unpleasant odors.
  • Rodents use their sharp front incisors to damage our home's wires, pipes, cables, drywall, and other structural elements. 
  • Again, using their teeth, rodents damage clothing, shoes, boxes, food containers, furniture, and other personal items.

Rodents are not pests you want to hope will leave your home on their own. You must act quickly and remove them from your home to limit their damage and dangers.

Why do I have a rodent problem?

When rodents live outside in rural areas, the outdoor spaces offer them plenty of food, water, and shelter. Rodents living in wooded areas, fields, and meadows survive quite well without the help of people.

However, rodents have had to adapt and learn to live with people in more urban or suburban areas. They have discovered that our yards and the interior of our homes provide them with the things they need to survive.

Our trash cans and gardens provide regular food sources, leaky hoses and air conditioners provide reliable water sources, and our homes offer temperature-controlled shelter to allow them to escape unsuitable weather conditions. Rodents have come to like living with people and the benefits we unintentionally provide them!

Where will I find rodents?

Rodents are nocturnal, which means they are most active when we are not. If rodents have found their way into your home, you are more likely to discover the signs they leave behind before the rodents themselves.

A common sign of a rodent problem is discovering their dark, rice-like droppings in drawers, cabinet shelves, boxes, or along floors. In addition, noticing a musty odor within your home, finding holes in food containers, walls, cabinets, or fabric items, or hearing running or scratching sounds behind walls are signs of a rodent infestation.

Rodents are prey animals, so they prefer to stay out of the limelight and out of the view of people and animals that can harm them. After entering your home, they will quickly find a hidden nesting spot. Wall voids, chimneys, attics, storage boxes, and spaces under furniture and behind appliances are common nesting spots for mice and rats.

How do I get rid of rodents?

Once rodents feel at home inside your house, getting rid of them can be frustrating and time-consuming. The easiest and fastest way to eliminate them from your home is by partnering with a local professional. Local professionals know the rodents that live in the areas, what attracts them, and how to eliminate them and stop them from returning.

At Gecko Pest Control, we offer rodent control through our home pest control plans and targeted rodent control service. Our rodent control service includes a thorough inspection and treatment using a combination of baits and traps to ensure your home's rodent problem is solved as quickly as possible.

If Texas rodents are causing you problems, please don't hesitate to reach out today; Gecko Pest Control will help you take back your home from these unruly pests.

How can I prevent rodents in the future?

Preventing problems with rodents can be tricky because they live all around us and our properties provide them with everything they need. Taking away their basic needs is the best way to avoid problems with these pests.

  • Remove their access to water by repairing leaky pipes, clogged gutters, and low-lying areas in your yard.
  • Take away their easy access to food by keeping lids on trash cans, picking up uneaten pet food, removing bird feeders from your yard, regularly harvesting gardens and fruit trees, and regularly cleaning your home to keep it free of food debris.
  • Make it difficult for rodents to use your home as a place of shelter. Caulk entry points, place screens over vents and chimneys, and install door sweeps.

Another helpful rodent prevention tip is to cut back shrubs, bushes, and other vegetation from your home's exterior that could provide cover for rodents and allow them to move in and out of your house with little notice.

For the best rodent control in Longview, TX, call us at Gecko Pest Control today; we are here to help you maintain a rodent-free home.

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