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Spider Identification & Prevention

Spider Identification & Prevention

Spiders regularly end up inside our Longview, Texas homes, catching us off-guard as they crawl across our floors, counters, or walls. Learn more about spiders, including how to keep spiders out of your home, with the help of this pest guide.


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  • How can I prevent spiders in the future?

    Keep spiders out of your home with the help of the professionals at Gecko Pest Control and our most helpful spider prevention tips.

    - Maintain your home’s exterior by sealing any openings in its foundation or around windows and doors.
    - Cut back bushes and shrubs from your home’s exterior that provide them with hiding spots and bridges to and from your home.
    - Maintain your lawn. Keep its grass cut short and remove piles of lawn debris from your property.
    - The best way to get rid of spiders is to control insect populations on your property by keeping lids on trash cans, removing areas of standing water, and keeping outdoor lights off as much as possible.

    To remove spiders from your property once and for all, contact Gecko Pest Control for the best pest control in Longview, Texas.

  • How do I get rid of spiders?

    Like ants and rodents, spiders are pests we regularly find crawling throughout our Longview, TX, homes. It is always best to partner with a local pest control company to get rid of spiders and other household pests.

    Gecko Pest Control offers our Texas homeowners the superior pest control solution necessary to maintain a pest-free home. We are proud always to offer our customers the “Gecko Experience,” meaning we provide professional services with a personal relationship! Take care of your home’s spider problems the easy way; call today and learn about our quarterly Longview pest control options.

  • Where will I find spiders?

    Spiders are naturally reclusive creatures and spend most of their time in dark, quiet spaces that put them near their insect prey. Outside, spiders usually hangout out around trees, in gardens, under landscaping ties, and around things like trash cans and outdoor lights.

    When spiders find their way into our houses, you are most likely to spot them around windows, light fixtures, in the corners of kitchens and bathrooms, and in dark, quiet storage areas like boxes, closets, and cabinets.

  • Why do I have a spider problem?

    Spiders are outdoor pests, and our Texas yards provide them with a suitable habitat to call home. Our trees, gardens, lawns, and landscaping provide spiders with plenty of places to build their webs or burrows. In addition, the insects that call our yards home offer spiders a reliable food source.

    Though spiders are a vital part of the ecosystem, if you spot large numbers on your property, you need to take it as a warning sign that your property has a widespread pest problem you need to solve.

    Since most spiders in Texas can live outside comfortably year-round, why are there spiders in our houses? Spiders often wind up inside our homes after being attracted to their exteriors by insect activity or moisture caused by leaky hoses, air conditioners, or dense vegetation. As spiders crawl around your home’s exterior, they move indoors through cracks and holes they come across in the exterior.

    Once inside, if spiders are having their basic needs met, they won’t be in any hurry to leave.

  • Are spiders dangerous?

    Texas is home to many dangerous and unsavory pests. While most spiders in our region are harmless to share our spaces with, some in our region are dangerous. Both the black widow and brown recluse live in our area and produce venom potent enough to cause harm to people.

    The venom from a black widow spider bite causes harm to the central nervous system, and a person could have pain at the bite site, secondary infections, stomach pain, fever, and chills.

    Brown recluse spider venom causes the tissue around the bite site to die, and the ulcerated wound left behind is prone to infection and is slow and difficult to heal.

    Spiders aren’t aggressive towards people but will defend themselves from harm by biting. If you are ever concerned about the type of spider on your Longview property, please call today!

  • What are spiders?

    Spiders are arachnids and share some physical characteristics of other arachnids. Adult spiders have eight legs, lack antennae, and are wingless. Unlike insects that have three body segments, spiders only have two.

    Some of the most common spiders in Texas are the house spider, cellar spider, black widow spider, and brown recluse spider. Spiders are fierce predators and feed on many types of insects. Their feeding habits help control populations of nuisance and dangerous insects.

    Without spiders and other predatory species, insects would overrun our outdoor spaces. However, when spiders move into our yards in large numbers or find their way into your home, you need to take action to remove them and figure out why your property has become so attractive to them.

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