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What You Need To Know About Stinging Insects

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Stinging insects are some of the most dangerous pests to have flying around your property, thanks to their aggressive nature and the health issues their stings cause. This article tells you what you need to know about hoe to identify and control stinging insects.

The below answers to these frequently asked questions about stinging insects can help you learn important facts about these dangerous pests.

What are stinging insects?

Stinging insects are those pest insects that can sting humans. Wasps and hornets are the most commonly encountered types of stinging insects, and there are several subspecies of these pests, such as yellow jackets, mud daubers, paper wasps, and bald-faced hornets. Stinging insects appear in a variety of colors, with the most common being a yellow and black pattern or solid red, grey, brown, or black. All stinging insects have six legs, a pair of wings, and a stinger. Professional home pest control can help you with further stinging insect identification.

Are stinging insects dangerous?

Stinging insects are dangerous pests to encounter because of their aggressive, territorial nature. Threatened wasps and hornets deliver painful stings that can potentially trigger allergies. Most wasps and hornets can sting multiple times, increasing the risk of pain or severe reactions to the stings. Never attempt stinging insect control by yourself, as this can directly expose you to stinging insect threats.

Why do I have a stinging insect problem?

A stinging insect problem around your property is often the result of plenty of stinging insect attractants on display. Easy access to food, especially sweet or protein-rich items, water, and nesting areas all make your property hospitable to wasps and hornets. Reduce and remove these factors to decrease your risks of stinging insect infestations.

Where will I find stinging insects?

Around exterior areas, stinging insects create nests in abandoned holes in the ground, along the siding of your home or business, under the eaves of porches and decks, or in secluded, high-up areas in trees. If stinging insects invade interior areas, they will create nests and hover around attics, door frames and windowsills, and the voids between walls.

How do I get rid of stinging insects?

If you want to get rid of stinging insects without exposing yourself to the risk of dangerous stings, contact Gecko Pest Control at the first sign of these pest invaders. Our team will provide you with safe, effective, and reliable pest control services in Longview so you can reclaim your property from this pest in a stress-free way.

How can I prevent stinging insects in the future?

To prevent stinging insects in the future, follow these easy tips to deter infestations.

  • Never leave food or drink behind in outdoor areas, as the aroma will attract wasps and hornets looking to scavenge.
  • Always use trash cans with tight-fitting lids to keep stinging insects out and to stop the odor from attracting these pests.
  • Fill in holes around exterior areas, cut back long grass, and ensure trees and shrubs stay trimmed to prevent stinging insects from creating their nests in these areas.
  • Ensure window and door screens are unbroken to keep stinging insects from invading interior areas.
  • Address pest prey infestations on your property as well as moisture issues, as these attract stinging insects looking for easy food and water.

Stinging insects are not an insect that you want buzzing around your property. Reach out to Gecko Pest Control the moment you suspect a stinging insect problem is moving in for safe and effective treatment.

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