Yellow Paper Wasp Identification & Prevention

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What You Need To Know About Yellow Paper Wasps

When all you want to do is spend some time enjoying the outdoors, you don’t want that time interrupted by buzzing wasps. As annoying as it is to have a wasp or two flying around your head, it’s even worse to be stung by one. Luckily, you don’t just have to live with a bunch of stinging insects on your property. Learn more about yellow paper wasps and our pest control services in Longview and Marshall.

Frequently Asked Questions About Yellow Paper Wasps

What are yellow paper wasps?

Yellow paper wasps are one of the common species of stinging insects. They are brown with yellow markings and have the characteristic pinched waist on their bodies. Growing up to ¾ inches in length, yellow paper wasps have one set of wings, six legs, and a pair of antennae. They are often confused with yellow jackets, but there are a few key differences to help you tell them apart. First, yellow paper wasps are thinner and longer than yellow jackets. Second, their antennae are orange-tipped, while yellow jacket antennae are black. Finally, paper wasps let their legs dangle while in flight, while yellow jackets tuck their legs up under their bodies when flying.

Are yellow paper wasps dangerous?

Do wasps sting or bite? Yellow paper wasps don’t bite, but they do sting. Although they are not an aggressive species of stinging insect, they will sting if they feel threatened. A yellow paper wasp sting is painful. If you are allergic to their stings, these pests can be a serious threat to your health. What often compounds the danger is that one of the main reasons paper wasps feel threatened is if you are near their nest. In that case, you won’t be dealing with a single wasp, but dozens of them.

Why do I have a yellow paper wasp problem?

Knowing what attracts wasps can help you understand why you have a yellow paper wasp problem. Paper wasps eat nectar and insects. When the queen starts her colony in the spring, she’ll begin to build her nest in a location where there is a good food source. If you have a thriving flower garden or a lot of insect activity on your property, you might attract yellow paper wasps. Once a nest is nearby, the paper wasps in the colony will be drawn to scented perfumes and food that is left outside.

Where will I find yellow paper wasps?

Yellow paper wasps typically build their nests in aerial locations because they are built to hang from an object, such as a tree limb, the eaves of your roof, or a porch ceiling. These nests are paper-like in appearance, which is how paper wasps got their name. They are also shaped like an umbrella. If you have yellow paper wasps flying around your property, take a walk around and look up to try to locate where they are coming from.

How do I get rid of yellow paper wasps?

Paper wasp nest removal is the key to getting rid of the yellow paper wasps on your property. However, this is extremely dangerous to try to do on your own. The nest can hold up to 200 wasps, most of which will do what they must to get you to go away. If you want to avoid being stung many times over, you should leave the removal to the trained professionals at Gecko Pest Control. We will not only safely remove your yellow paper wasp nest but will also apply products to make sure the entire colony is eliminated.

How can I prevent yellow paper wasps in the future?

Wasp prevention is the key to avoiding a yellow paper wasp problem in the future. We recommend making your property as unattractive to wasps as possible. Pick up fallen fruit, remove other food sources, and get routine exterior pest control to make your property a place where a queen wasp won’t want to build her nest in the spring. During the summer, make sure your windows have screens, caulk around any openings into your house, and pick up after outdoor meals to avoid having yellow paper wasps get near or into your home.

If you have a problem with yellow paper wasps, wasp removal is available from Gecko Pest Control. Contact us today to get rid of your yellow paper wasp problem and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Longview and Marshall.

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