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Professional Pest Control In Kilgore, TX

In many ways, Kilgore is the typical East Texas town. Founded during the oil boom of the 1930s, Kilgore is known as a friendly small town that is an excellent place to live. But life here isn't all great. Like many other small towns in our area, pests can be a major issue for the residents and businesses of Kilgore.

Fortunately, at Gecko Pest Control, we have over 20 years of Kilgore pest control experience. We take pride in providing reliable and environmentally friendly pest control solutions with professional service and at fair prices. To learn more about what we can do to protect your home or business from pest problems, give us a call today!

Residential Pest Control In Kilgore

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Home is the place where you should feel safe and most comfortable. It is where you should be able to relax, unwind, and let the pressures of the day fade away without any worries. However, this can be nearly impossible if you see pests in your Kilgore home. Learning that you have a pest infestation in your home can make you feel uncomfortable and make it hard to relax. Not only that, pests can cause damage to your home and threaten everyone who lives there.

At Gecko Pest Control, our trained technicians know the issues that pests can cause for homeowners and understand how important it is to keep your home pest-free. That is why we offer home pest control plans that provide coverage for the common pests in our area, like ants, cockroaches, spiders, stinging insects, beetles, rodents, and many more.

When you work with us, we'll inspect your home to determine what pest pressures you are facing and recommend a quick and effective plan to eliminate any active infestations and ensure they don't return. Let us protect your home and family from Kilgore's annoying, destructive, and potentially dangerous pests.

Commercial Pest Control In Kilgore

It's every business owner's worst nightmare. You're in the middle of a busy day. Customers are everywhere, sales are great, and things are going smoothly. Then all of a sudden, you hear someone scream, people start scattering, and you look up and see a pest scurry across the floor. Whether it's a roach, rodent, or some other pest, this is the worst-case scenario for your business.

Having pests around your commercial property will quickly drive away customers, cause an influx of bad reviews online, and ruin your reputation in the community. In addition, pests can also jeopardize the health and safety of your customers and employees, ruin your inventory, and destroy your building if left untreated.

Fortunately, a commercial pest control plan from Gecko Pest Control can protect your business from the nightmare that is a pest infestation. We'll perform a thorough inspection of your property and building and then develop a custom commercial pest control plan to meet the exact needs of your business. You can trust us to keep your company running smoothly without worrying about pests and all the issues they cause.

What Attracts Stinging Insects To Kilgore Yards?

If you enjoy spending time outdoors, you've likely had an interaction with a stinging insect at some point. Whether it’s a wasp, hornet, bee, or yellow jacket, these flying pests can leave you with painful stings and ruin your time outside. If you’re allergic to these stings, it can be even worse as a bee or wasp sting could quickly become a medical emergency.

Since stinging insects can fly, it can be hard to keep them all out. However, if you know what attracts bees and wasps to your yard, you can take steps to limit your interactions with them by addressing those attractants.

Here are a few reasons why stinging insects may be attracted to your property:

  • You have areas around your home that offer them shelter, including hollow trees, abandoned structures, or other places they can nest undisturbed.
  • You have other pests on your property that stinging insects prey on.
  • You leave uncovered food outside.
  • You wear brightly colored clothes or strong fragrances. 

Don't attempt to remove them on your own. These pests will react aggressively when they feel threatened and can leave you covered in painful stings. Instead, if you have stinging insects on your property, call us today and let our stinging insect control professionals safely take care of the problem.

The Ultimate Bed Bug Prevention Guide For Kilgore Property Owners

You may not think that bed bugs could be an issue for your single-family home. However, this isn’t the case. You should be aware that bed bugs are a growing problem in residential communities all across the United States, including here in Kilgore. To keep these biting bugs from taking up residence in your home, it is essential to know what to do to prevent them.

Here are some helpful bed bug prevention steps that can help you avoid these pests:

  • Take care while traveling by keeping your clothes and bags off the floor of hotels and washing everything immediately after returning.
  • Always inspect furniture before bringing it into your space, especially secondhand furniture.
  • Vacuum the high-traffic areas of your home or building frequently.
  • Wash any clothes you buy immediately after purchase, using hot water or steam if possible.

If you suspect that you may have bed bugs in your home, call us right away. Our bed bug control plans can quickly eliminate the infestation before it grows out of control, so you can get back to sleeping comfortably in your home.

Why Every Kilgore Home Needs Protection From Termites

When people don't deal with a termite problem, these wood-eating pests can cause significant property damage over time. All types of termites gravitate to wooden structures because of the cellulose wood contains that they survive on. If you ignore them, these insects will take a toll on any structure in the long run, including your home. To protect your property, having an effective termite control service can be essential!

That's why our team of local professionals is here to help! We'll come out to your property and provide an on-site inspection. We consider every variable when assessing your property's unique termite problem. We find out the hot spots for termite activity and determine the kind of foundation or setup we're dealing with in order to provide treatment.

During our inspection, we look for conducive conditions that may have attracted termites to your property and let you know what you can do to address them to avoid future infestations.

Since protecting your home from termites is vital, choosing the right company to work with is incredibly important. Gecko Pest Control is the best company to call for all of your needs regarding termite control in Kilgore! We offer free re-treatments, too, if needed, and will follow up a year after the initial treatment to make sure your termite problem is a thing of the past.

What You Can Do About Mosquitoes Buzzing Around Your Kilgore Home

Mosquitoes are no fun to have buzzing around your property! So what can you do to stop them from ruining your time spent outdoors in your yard?

Well, as far as what you can do yourself as a concerned homeowner, addressing any pools of standing water will go a long way in keeping mosquitoes at bay. Mosquitoes must lay their eggs in pools of standing water where they can hatch and grow into larvae and then invade your property as adults. To stop future mosquito infestations in their tracks, keeping an eye out for and eliminating any pools of standing water on your property is essential to success.

When you need professional help, we're the company to call! We'll come out to inspect your property and look for conducive conditions like low areas in the ground, water sources, and areas of high moisture. We'll also keep an eye out for overgrown vegetation that might provide shady areas where mosquitoes love to rest.

Then, we'll create a customized treatment plan for your property's mosquito problem. From April through October, we offer monthly treatments for residential customers in the community we care about. We also offer one-time mosquito control services in Kilgore for special events so mosquitoes don't bug you while you're trying to have a good time!

Why Pet Owners In Kilgore Need Flea & Tick Prevention

If you have pets, flea and tick prevention becomes an important problem for your property! Fleas and ticks can cause bites, transmit diseases, or even cause anemia and tapeworms in your pets.

Luckily our experts are here to help! For over two decades, we've been helping pet owners keep their properties free of fleas and ticks so that they can protect their pets. We'll provide you with a prep list of what you need to do before treatment, and then at the scheduled time, we'll take the matter into our capable hands.

We offer both one-time and recurring flea and tick control services in Kilgore to cater to the unique needs of our valued customers. Our technicians will find the best flea and tick control solution for you because every property and situation is different. When you need a customized treatment plan that you can rely on to work, choose to work with us. Reach out to our team to get your free inspection and estimate today!

Why You Shouldn't Face Rodents Alone In Kilgore

If you have a rodent problem? You should leave the work to the professionals! Rodent control in Kilgore is not a do-it-yourself type of problem. While you may find some success, you're likely to need help to resolve the problem in its entirety, and rodents will keep reproducing and exacerbating the issue at hand. Before you know it, you have a seemingly endless rodent infestation that just won't go away!

So leave the work to us! We'll come to your property to perform a free inspection and estimate. We'll look for signs of rodent activity, including entry points and conducive conditions. Then, we'll meet with you and let you know what we found and what we recommend as far as your customized treatment is concerned. Once we've agreed on the right course of action to take, we'll treat your property and get rid of every last rodent there is!

We've been helping local property owners eliminate rodents for over 20 years. We're ready to help you, too! Reach out to our pros and get rid of your rodent infestation today.

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