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Identifying And Getting Rid Of Dangerous Roaches In Your Longview Home

A cockroach near a controller

Longview, Texas, began as a railroad town in the 1870s and has never looked back. Its historic downtown area, fine dining establishments, and outdoor recreational opportunities have contributed to this thriving community. Another group thriving in Longview is the cockroach community. Without pest control in Longview, these creepy-looking insects may make a surprise visit to local homes.

How To Identify Common Types Of Cockroaches

Different types of cockroaches roam the United States, and Longview has its fair share of them. With at least four different kinds of cockroaches common to the Longview area, it is wise for homeowners to learn how to identify their differing characteristics. 

Four cockroaches Longview residents can find in homes include the following: 

  1. The smoky brown cockroach has an oval dark brown or almost black body. It measures between 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 inches long and has wings longer than their bodies. They are excellent fliers.
  2. The American cockroach has an oval reddish/brown body with a pale yellowish figure eight behind its head. It measures between 1 1/4 to 2 1/8 inches long. These cockroaches can fly but prefer to run. 
  3. The oriental cockroach tends to have an oval, shiny black body (sometimes reddish/brown) and generally measures one inch long. These cockroaches can't fly.
  4. The German cockroach's oval tan-to-brown body has two dark, almost parallel lines extending down their backs right behind their heads. They measure between 1/2 to 5/8 inches long, and while they can fly, it is rare.

No matter which cockroach finds its way inside your home, it's a potential health hazard. With this threat, it is always wise to call Gecko Pest Control for immediate roach pest control services.

Why Roaches Are So Dangerous To Your Health

While cockroaches certainly creep people out, most people wouldn't expect them to be dangerous. Roaches are lovers of filth, preferring to live in sewers, drains, and amongst dead and decaying matter. As they crawl through this filth, bacteria and pathogens attach themselves to cockroaches' legs and bodies and get transferred to foods and surfaces within homes. 

They transmit over 33 different types of bacteria, parasitic worms, and human pathogens that can make people extremely ill. These diseases include salmonellosis, gastroenteritis, E. coli infection, dysentery, giardia, listeriosis, cholera, and typhoid fever. Even cockroach saliva, urine, feces, and discarded skin can affect people's breathing, especially if they suffer from asthma or allergies. Roaming cockroaches are a severe problem for those living inside houses. For safe and efficient removal of these health hazards, it is always best to call in the professionals at Gecko Pest Control.

Eliminate Factors That Attract Roaches Into Your Home

Roaches start heading indoors when weather conditions deteriorate, and food and moisture sources get low. If homeowners aren't careful, conditions within their homes can lure cockroaches inside, so making homes unattractive will help. First, homeowners should check around foundations and utility wires for gaps, crevices, or cracks that cockroaches use to get inside homes. Using silicone-based caulking materials helps seal off entry points. Second, installing mesh screens over vents and drains prevents roach incursions. Third, dehumidifiers in high-moisture areas reduce water enticements. Fourth, washing dishes immediately and keeping rooms free of spills, food (including pet food), and crumbs eliminate cockroach temptations. Fifth, cleaning trash bins frequently and using tight-fitting lids are excellent roach deterrents. Taking steps to eliminate factors that attract roaches is good, but not a guaranteed fix. Gecko Pest Control knows how to deter cockroaches and uses industry-proven treatments to stop them when they enter.

Call The Pest Experts For Total Cockroach Elimination

Ultimately, the best way to battle cockroaches in your home is with help from Gecko Pest Control. Established in 2000, our local family-owned and operated company has provided quality pest control services for over 20 years. With total satisfaction being our top priority, residents can expect to receive top-notch, professional services at every visit. With free inspections and estimates, why not contact Gecko Pest Control today for cockroach pest control in Longview?