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Why Do I Have Silverfish In My House In Marshall?

silverfish on book

Silverfish are common household pests, but you don’t see them often. These little bugs are fast runners. If they’ve infested your home, catching them can be a problem. Gecko Pest Control provides silverfish pest control in Marshall, which makes the process easier. Our professional treatments are designed to get rid of silverfish and make sure they don’t come back. For more information, call Gecko Pest Control. 

What Are Silverfish?

Believe it or not, silverfish are insects. They’re shaped a little bit like fish and move like they’re swimming, hence the name. They vary a little in color but are often metallic silver. Silverfish have three long bristles on their back ends, so they’re sometimes called “bristletails.” These insects run fast and require high levels of humidity to live. You often find them in bathrooms, basements, and other areas where moisture collects. 

How Worried Should I Be About Silverfish In My House?

Silverfish are generally considered to be nuisance pests. They don’t bite, sting, or carry disease. They can cause some property damage, though. Silverfish eat paper and fabric goods. They might go after books, wallpaper, upholstery, and clothing in your home. 

Silverfish only take small bites and scrape at the materials they eat. You might find small holes in books, photographs, and clothing. There might also be yellowish staining as evidence of silverfish damage. Silverfish sometimes get into dried foods, such as flour or sugar. Although they don’t spread disease, you shouldn’t eat foods infested by silverfish. 

Why Do I Have Silverfish In My House?

There are a few factors that make a home attractive to silverfish. Humidity and food are the biggest. Try these silverfish prevention tips to make your home less susceptible to infestations.

  • Address any issues that cause excess moisture in your house; this could be leaky pipes or poor ventilation.
  • Store old books, clothing, and other vulnerable items in solid, sealed containers.
  • Keep dry foods, such as coffee and flour, in solid, airtight containers. 
  • Seal over any cracks or gaps in the walls.

Silverfish need high humidity levels to survive; if they can find that in your house, they’ll stay. But a fix as simple as repairing a pipe or installing a fan can go a long way toward making your home less attractive to silverfish. 

Food sources like old paper or clothing can also attract silverfish. Keep these items in airtight, solid containers that silverfish can’t get into. You can also rotate books on shelves and keep items moving to prevent silverfish damage. 

Cracks and holes in the walls allow silverfish to get into your house and move around out of sight. Sealing over cracks and making necessary repairs is essential in prevention work.

Silverfish infestations can get out of control quickly. If you’re finding these insects around your house, professional pest control can be a great way to get rid of them.

How Do I Get Rid Of Silverfish?

With Gecko Pest Control, you can find a silverfish exterminator near you to keep your home pest-free. Our service visits always begin with a full inspection to see where silverfish hide. We also look for factors that could attract them to your home. Then, we’ll work with you to find the best treatment option. We prioritize treatments that will completely wipe out an infestation rather than unnecessary, overpriced products. At Gecko Pest Control, we believe that pest management is personal. We treat your home as if it were our own. Call Gecko Pest Control today to learn more about our options for silverfish control in Marshall.