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A Guide To Effective Pest Control For Longview Business Owners

A vacant commercial building

Nothing can ruin your business's reputation faster than having a pest infestation. Several types of pests are known to invade commercial properties. They can not only cause a lot of expensive damage to your building, but some common pests spread a variety of diseases and can make you, your employees, and your customers sick. 

At Gecko Pest Control, we are committed to keeping everyone safe from invasive and dangerous pests. Our experienced technicians have been providing commercial pest control in Longview for over a decade, and we know how to keep your commercial property free of all types of pests. 

The Top Pests That Affect Area Businesses

Many types of pests can cause problems for your business. Some of the most common types of pests that business owners deal with include:

  • Spiders: The brown recluse and the black widow spider are the only two venomous spiders in this area. However, seeing any type of spider around your commercial property could indicate that you have an insect infestation or a water leak somewhere close by. 
  • Rodents: You commonly find rats and mice in restaurants, cafes, and other establishments with kitchens, but they can be in any type of commercial building. These disgusting rodents can spread various diseases and viruses, including leptospirosis, hantavirus, and salmonellosis.
  • Mosquitoes: Mosquitoes will swarm around your property if you have standing water nearby. These dangerous flying insects can spread harmful illnesses, such as tularemia, dengue fever, encephalitis, West Nile virus, and chikungunya. 
  • Stinging insects: Many types of wasps and hornets can build nests inside or near commercial properties; the bald faced hornet is commonly found in this area and is known to be one of the country's most aggressive types. 
  • Cockroaches: German, American, and oriental cockroaches are in this part of Texas. They can spread various illnesses, including E. coli infections, salmonellosis, cholera, dysentery, and gastroenteritis. 

Not all pests will come indoors. Some of the common pests, like mosquitoes, are more likely to hang around outside. However, outdoor pests hanging around your commercial property can still be as problematic and dangerous as indoor pests.

The Hidden Costs Of Ignoring Pest Infestations In A Business

Most pest infestations will not go away on their own. If you ignore the problem, the chances are, it will continue to get worse. Not only will your pest problem worsen, but the damage will also become more severe, and the chances that you or someone else will become sick will increase considerably. This is why professional commercial pest control in Longview is important.

Sensible Pest Prevention Practices To Implement Into Your Business

Pest will come around your business searching for food, shelter, and water. If you want to keep them away from your commercial property, consider taking out the trash regularly, keeping all food in sealable containers, keeping dumpsters as far away from the building as possible, and eliminating any standing water around your business.

Professional Pest Control Is A Smart Investment

At Gecko Pest Control, we can treat any type of pest infestation you have around your commercial property. However, even if you don't have a pest problem, we can still help. We offer monthly and quarterly services designed to prevent pests from coming to your property. Give us a call today to get your free quote and to learn more about our commercial and residential pest control services in Longview.