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How To Get Rid Of Crickets In And Around Your Longview Home

cricket in basement

Most people can identify a cricket without even looking at it. Many of these medium-sized insects make a distinctive chirping noise all night long. While this noise might not be a problem when hiking or enjoying the great outdoors in a rural area, they usually aren’t welcomed near or inside your home, where they can cause you to lose sleep at night. 

At Gecko Pest Control, our only goal is to keep your home free of pests. We have been providing pest control in Longview for years and understand how the local environment can affect this bug's behavior. 

Characteristics Of Common Crickets

There are many different crickets in Texas. These bugs can vary in shape, size, and color, but they all tend to have the same basic appearance. 

The most common type of cricket around Longview homes is the house cricket. This type of cricket typically measures anywhere from ¾ of an inch to? inch long. They are known to have tan or light-brown bodies with three dark-brown lines on their heads. Crickets have six legs, and their back legs are much longer and stronger than the other four legs in the front. House crickets have two pairs of wings that lay flat against their bodies when unused. They can use these wings to fly. However, they usually jump or walk to their destinations. 

Crickets Can Be A Major Nuisance

Crickets are arguably one of the most annoying pests that Longview homeowners have to deal with. While both male and female crickets have two sets of wings, only male cricket has little grooves on the top of its forewing and has a producing veil known as "the scraper." The bottom of the wing has a rough underside known as "the file." When a male cricket rubs the scraper of one wing against the file of the other wing, it makes a high-pitched chirping noise. Male crickets chirp for two reasons; to attract a female mate and deter other males from coming near it. Each cricket has its own unique chirping sound and can make noise all day and all night. 

Another problem with crickets in your home has to do with their diet. Crickets have a diverse diet and like to eat dry fruit, vegetables, and meat. If they come into your home, they will also eat various types of fabrics, paper, and glue. Some people have noticed damage to their wallpaper, books, and other household objects when they had a cricket infestation in their home. 

Contact The Pros To Get Rid Of Crickets Fast!

Crickets like to stay out of the sight of humans. In fact, when a cricket senses that you are near, it will stop chirping. If you want to get rid of crickets, you will need to team up with a professional pest control company with cricket control experience

At Gecko Pest Control, we know the habits and behaviors of the common crickets in this area. We use that information to help us predict their next move and stay one step ahead of them. We know how to get rid of the crickets in your home for good. 

How To Prevent Future Cricket Problems In Your Home

If you want to ensure crickets don't come back into your home, you can try:

  • Fixing any moisture issues that you have inside or outside of your home
  • Sealing gaps and cracks of all sizes around your home
  • Not leaving your exterior lights on all night long 

If you are looking for a quick and easy cricket control solution, give Gecko Pest Control a call today. We can help turn your Longview home into a cricket-free area once again.