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What To Do If You Think Your Marshall Home Has Termites


Termites can cause significant damage to your home if they are left on their own. The termites eat the wood in your home, weakening framing and destroying trim, furniture, and siding. You cannot just hope that these pests will eventually disappear, because once they’ve invaded, they’re not leaving on their own. 

If you see bugs that look like termites, you need to reach out to the Marshall pest control experts at Gecko Pest Control to inspect the property and identify the insects. We know how to deal with the Eastern subterranean termites found in this area of Texas, giving you the peace of mind you need.

How To Identify Signs Of Termite Activity

It’s important to note that seeing a few random flying insects on your property doesn’t mean you have termites. Here are a few specific signs that may help you discover a termite problem.

  • A resemblance to water damage on drywall and interior paint
  • Wooden floorboards that are buckling
  • Crumbling wood around the home
  • Mud tubes on the exterior of structures
  • Flying insect swarms near the home

If you still have any uncertainty about what you’re seeing, reach out to our experts.

A Termite Infestation Can Cause Extensive Property Damage

So do termites in Marshall eat wood? Yes, as this is the primary type of property damage these insects cause.

Considering most homes consist of quite a bit of wood, including in the structural framing, termites can potentially destroy your home if left unchecked. These insects will move steadily throughout the home, weakening the framing.

Eventually, the house could have so much termite damage that it becomes structurally unsound and dangerous to occupy. However, you should notice signs of termites and their damage long before things get to this point.

With the Eastern subterranean termites commonly found in eastern Texas, they can damage more than just the framing of the home. They create underground colonies that move the soil and potentially cause the foundation to shift. Suddenly, you have windows and doors that are sticking and cracks in your drywall, along with the weakening of the wood framing.

Contact The Professionals At The First Sign Of Termites

Quickly reaching out to a termite specialist near you, like the top-notch technicians at Gecko Pest Control, can help to limit the damage. The sooner we can begin working to eradicate the termites, the better.

Paying attention to the early signs of termite infestation is important for you as the homeowner. Eliminating them before they do extensive damage means you have a potentially smaller repair bill, or even no repair bill after we remove the termites.

If you wait to reach out to us until after these pests cause significant damage, we can still eliminate the termites. But you may need to make major repairs to your home to make it structurally sound again.

Practical Tips To Prevent Termites From Coming Back

Eliminating termites is our job. We also have solutions to prevent them from coming back, but there are steps that you should also take to help avoid future termite issues.

You can take a number of steps to reduce the chances of a reinfestation, including:

  • Store firewood away from the home
  • Trim trees to keep branches away from the home
  • Use as little wood mulch near the home as possible
  • Dry out areas that are frequently moist
  • Fix any leaks or areas where condensation appears
  • Call us for an annual inspection

Termites are stubborn insects. Any preventative steps you can take, in addition to annual inspections by our team, will be well worth your time.

First, though, rely on our professionals to get rid of termites. Gecko Pest Control always brings professional termite control in Marshall with a personal relationship for our East Texas neighbors. We also offer an annual guarantee on our termite services. Reach out to us today to receive a free inspection.