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The Best Way To Protect Yourself From Ticks In Longview

A tick on skin

Ticks are ectoparasites that feed on the blood of various creatures. They are arachnids, a group that also contains scorpions and spiders. There is a common misconception that only homeowners with dogs or cats will experience tick infestations; however, properties without pets are also susceptible to these potentially dangerous pests. 

Have ticks invaded your home in Longview? Take decisive action by speaking with a local pest management company. A seasoned Longview pest control professional knows how to treat ticks and what keeps ticks away from you and your pets. 

How To Identify A Tick

Ticks are small creatures with oval-shaped bodies, eight legs, and no antennae. Ticks are often differentiated into groups as either “hard” or “soft” ticks, which describes the nature of their exterior “shell.” 

Where are ticks in Longview found in natural outdoor settings? Ticks cannot fly or jump; therefore, they usually hide in areas of overgrown grass or weeds. When a human or animal passes, ticks use their legs to climb onto it. Most types of ticks can withstand cold temperatures, but they are rarely active below 45°F. 

Tick Bites Can Be Very Dangerous

Some of the harmful diseases caused by ticks include Lyme disease, tularemia, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and other concerns. 

How do you remove a tick? To remove a tick from a human or pet, use a good pair of tweezers to grasp the tick and slowly remove it. Wash the area of the skin using soap and water, and consider applying hydrocortisone as needed for itchiness. 

Four Naturally Effective Ways To Prevent Tick Bites

What are some of the best ways how to prevent tick bites? Some of the best preventative measures for homeowners in Longview to consider include the following: 

  1. Those with dogs or cats should keep their pets on a year-round flea and tick treatment plan as instructed by a veterinarian. 
  2. When participating in prolonged outdoor activities, remember to inspect yourself and your pets for ticks before reentering your home. 
  3. Diligently maintain the exterior lawn area of the property by keeping lawns mowed and trimming any tall weeds or vegetation. 
  4. Wear long-sleeved shirts and full-length pants to shield your skin from these pests when hiking or camping. 

While these tips for preventing tick bites are usually effective, those facing a full-blown infestation should consult with a local pest control company that maintains the tools and equipment for ousting these pests. 

The Most Effective Tick Control Solution For Your Yard

What is the best yard treatment for ticks? Avoid taking matters into your own hands when it comes to these potentially harmful pests. The mass-marketed home treatment options are commonly ineffective and result in prolonged frustration. The flea and tick treatment solutions provided by Gecko Pest Control are efficient and safely performed. We often use products recommended by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other safety advocates. 

After receiving an inquiry from a customer, one of our trained specialists will perform a thorough inspection of the property as needed to gauge the nature and extent of the pest-related problem. Our technician will create a customized treatment plan based on the conditions of the property and the type of pest-related concern. While we perform one-time pest control solutions, many of our customers enjoy our year-round pest protection plans that include monthly or quarterly visits from a specialist. 

Our organization remains active in the local community. One of the ways we have given back is by providing services for the Northeast Texas Habitat for Humanity. Keep in mind that we stand confidently behind the quality of our work with a customer satisfaction guarantee. Contact our experts at Gecko Pest Control today for assistance.