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Mastering Cricket Control: Tips For A Quiet And Pest-Free Environment In Longview

cricket in basement

Longview, Texas, is known as a hub for outdoor activities. Residents of this endearing community have only to sit outside or stroll downtown to enjoy the beautiful sounds of nature. One "singer" in the area who likes to add their voice to nature's orchestra is the cricket. Once this insect heads indoors, it won't take long before homeowners realize that a cricket's singing isn't the only problem that will necessitate cricket control services in Longview.

Understanding Why Crickets Invade: A Key To Effective Control

Typically, crickets are "in their happy place" while living outdoors. Usually, they end up inside homes purely by accident; however, homeowners could experience a significant infestation when crickets seek shelter from changing weather conditions. Cooler temperatures and dry conditions can drive crickets indoors looking for relief. 

A cricket's size allows it to use even the smallest gap, crack, or crevice to get indoors. Cracks in foundations, holes where pipes and wires come into homes, damaged weatherstripping, and loose or damaged screens on lower windows can all open an easy passageway for crickets to get indoors and get comfortable. Once inside, crickets can damage clothing, fabrics, and carpets, so homeowners should learn some steps that can help with prevention.

Cricket Prevention In Homes: Tips For Indoor Spaces

Cricket prevention in homes comes down to eliminating conditions indoors that would encourage crickets to stay for an extended period. Proactive homeowners who use simple prevention tips can do much to motivate crickets to look elsewhere for comfy accommodations.

Seven tips that help prevent cricket infestations in indoor spaces include the following:

  1. Quickly repair indoor plumbing issues.
  2. Use dehumidifiers in high moisture areas (especially basements and crawl spaces).
  3. Install door sweeps.
  4. Keep homes decluttered.
  5. Practice good sanitation (especially in kitchens).
  6. Never leave out pet food.
  7. Ensure doors (including screen doors) are tight-fitting and stay closed (especially at night).

Homeowners who practice indoor cricket prevention strategies can help eliminate many attractions that welcome crickets indoors and encourage them to stay long-term. Still, crickets are small and can sometimes head towards homes in large numbers. If and when they get inside, homeowners can call in the local pest professionals at Gecko Pest Control for relief.

Guarding Your Garden: Outdoor Strategies For Cricket Control

Since crickets prefer to free-roam outdoors, it stands to reason that gardens could get visits from these insects. Both mole and field crickets are frequent visitors who, in large numbers, can damage gardens. Mole crickets burrow just below the soil, about 1/2 inch, and can disrupt plant roots, stems, and tubers, while field crickets stay above ground and sometimes munch on immature plants, annual flowers, and vegetables. While keeping all crickets out of gardens is impossible, homeowners can use some proven strategies to help limit their visits.

First, crickets are most active at night and seem especially drawn to bright lights. So, turning off outdoor lighting can be advantageous for limiting cricket activity around homes and gardens, especially during the mating season. If homeowners require night-time lighting, low-pressure sodium vapor, and yellow incandescent lights are less appealing to crickets. A second strategy for keeping crickets away from gardens is eliminating rocks, stacked firewood or boards, trimming excess vegetation, and removing other yard debris near gardens; this can help minimize cricket habitats that place crickets near an easy food supply.

If properties show evidence of a large population of crickets, gardens could suffer. Homeowners who want crickets to leave their properties can get help from Gecko Pest Control. Our company offers home pest control plans that can keep you covered, both inside and out.

Silent Sleep: Ensuring Peaceful Nights With Expert Cricket Control

When cricket sounds at night start disrupting sleep, it's time to partner with an expert cricket control specialist like Gecko Pest Control. Our locally owned and operated company has provided reliable pest control services in Longview for over 20 years. We strive to create a personal relationship with our customers while providing professional services that can solve your unique pest control issues. 

Need to get back some much-needed sleep? You can get started today by contacting Gecko Pest Control for cricket removal in Longview.