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The Key To Keeping Crickets Away From Your Marshall Home

cricket jumping on plants

Crickets are part of the ambiance of a summer evening. Gentle chirping can even be a soothing sound—when it’s coming from outside. If crickets have gotten into your home, you need professional pest control in Marshall to get them out again. Gecko Pest Control is here to help you keep crickets out of your home for good. 

How To Identify Common Crickets

Crickets are common outside, but they don’t often get into houses. When they do, it can be a problem. There are two types of crickets most common in Marshall. House crickets are usually less than 1 inch long. They’re yellow-brown and have long, thin antennae, wings, and large hind legs that they use for jumping. Male house crickets make a chirping sound by rubbing their wings together.

Camel crickets, also called cave crickets, are bigger, reaching 1 1/2 inches. They can be light or dark brown with a mottled pattern. Camel crickets have their name because they’re humpbacked. They also have large hind legs and long, thin antennae, but camel crickets don’t chirp. 

Why You Don't Want Crickets Hopping Around Your Home

Crickets are generally considered to be nuisance pests. Cricket sounds can be annoying even when they’re outside. Because crickets are nocturnal, their chirping can disrupt your sleep; this isn’t life-threatening, but it is annoying.

Crickets can also cause other problems. They’ll occasionally chew on clothing, carpets, and other fabrics. A cricket infestation could lead to more severe damage to your personal belongings. 

Four Easy And Effective Cricket Prevention Tips

Finding crickets in your house is frustrating, especially since their presence can lead to property damage. These four tips will help you keep crickets away from your home:

  1. Reduce moisture around your home by repairing leaks and ventilating all areas of your house.
  2. Turn off outdoor lights at night or replace the bulbs with yellow or sodium vapor bulbs.
  3. Seal any holes or cracks in the exterior walls of your home to eliminate entry points.
  4. Keep compost, woodpiles, and yard debris at least 20 feet away from your house.

Excess moisture and humidity create an environment that’s more inviting to crickets. Making necessary changes around your home can help keep crickets and insects away. 

Like other insects, lights attract crickets. Once it’s dark outside, you should turn off any exterior lights. If you want to leave them on, switch to yellow or sodium vapor bulbs since these are less attractive to insects.

Cracks and holes in the walls, especially those low to the ground, can allow crickets to get inside your house. Check your home thoroughly for extra entry points and repair the ones you find.

Compost, mulch piles, firewood, and yard debris can all house crickets. When these piles are too close to your house, it becomes easier for crickets to get inside. Keep your yard as clear as possible, and make sure potential harborage sites are far away from the house.

All of these tips can help you keep crickets out of your home. But if you need help getting rid of crickets, call a professional home pest control company for treatment. 

Call The Pros For Total Cricket Control

Finding crickets in your home can be stressful. Getting rid of these insects can be difficult on your own; do-it-yourself treatments are rarely as effective as you need them to be, and home pest control is often a waste of time and money.

That’s why Gecko Pest Control provides comprehensive pest and cricket control solutions in Marshall. All of our technicians are trained in the most up-to-date methods of cricket control. After a thorough home inspection, your technician will talk to you about your options. Our treatment plans are customizable to fit your needs. Our top priority is your family’s safety, and we hold ourselves to a high standard. 

Call Gecko Pest Control today to learn more about how we get rid of crickets from Marshall homes.