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Say Goodbye to Rats: Tips For Effective Control And Prevention For Carthage Properties

rat inside a home

Rats are sneaky and inconspicuous rodents that can hide in the deepest crevices of your home. While they are hiding out of sight, these creatures can cause an extensive amount of damage before you even realize that they are there.  

Our professional rat exterminators at Gecko Pest Control have been battling rats in Carthage for over 20 years. We understand the risks associated with a rat infestation and know the best way to keep you and your home safe from these dangerous creatures. Reach out and get started on our pest control services in Carthage.

Signs Of Rats In The House: Identifying Rat Activity

Rats are medium-sized rodents that can measure around 18 inches from the end of their nose to the end of their tail. They typically have long and thin bodies covered in brown, black, or gray fur and long and thin tails that are scaly and don't have any fur. They also have bad eyesight and are usually seen running alongside a wall or another solid object. If you have rats in your home, you are likely to see the rats in your home or dark rub marks on the baseboards of your walls.

Other signs that our rat extermination team frequently sees include:

  • Seeing gnaw marks on wooden or plastic objects and furniture and wiring. 
  • Finding shredded paper, cardboard, cloth, and insulation balled up.
  • Hearing high-pitched squeezed and chewing noises coming from above your ceilings or behind your walls.
  • Seeing oval-shaped rat droppings about half an inch long and dark brown or black.

If you suspect you have rats in your home, an experienced rat exterminator near you can help. A professional will be able to take a closer look at your home and confirm that you are seeing signs of a rat infestation. 

Rat-Borne Diseases: Common Illnesses Transmitted By Rats

Rats are filthy creatures that can carry a variety of diseases, such as leptospirosis, salmonellosis, hantavirus, rat-bite fever, tularemia, and rat-born eosinophilic meningitis. Rats can spread these diseases through direct and indirect contact. These illnesses most commonly spread through the rat's urine and feces. 

Rats also carry external parasites, like fleas and ticks. If you have several rats in your home, you could also develop a secondary flea or tick infestation. The best way to ensure that you don't contract any rat-borne illness or that your home becomes infested with other types of pests is to contact a rat extermination company when you first suspect a rat has invaded your home. 

Professional Rat Control: The Most Effective Elimination Solution

Trying to eliminate a rat infestation by yourself can be both dangerous and ineffective. It is important to remember that the rats that you might find in your home are not the same kind of rats that you can find in a pet store. Not only do wild rats come into contact with a variety of harmful pathogens that are not in pet stores, but they are also not domesticated and are more likely to become aggressive if humans handle them. 

The most effective and safest way to get rid of rats in your home is to call an experienced and highly-trained Carthage rat control expert

Rat Prevention: Simple Measures To Keep Rats Out

Rats can squeeze through almost any gap or crack around your home. The best way to prevent rats from entering is to inspect your home professionally by a professional rat exterminator in Carthage. 

At Gecko Pest Control, our experienced technicians will thoroughly inspect and assess your home. We will then develop a customized elimination plan that will help keep you and your home safe from these destructive pests. Give us a call today to get started and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Carthage.