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Termite-Proof Your Home: Prevention Techniques For Kilgore Homeowners

A swarm of termites on the ground

The people of Kilgore, Texas, boast many historic discoveries, including the first official dance drill team to entertain a football crowd at half-time. This energetic town perfectly mixes the past with the present and adds a whole lot of southern hospitality to it. Within this delightful community lives a particularly enthusiastic home-invading pest—the dreaded termite. Without pest control services in Kilgore, significant drilling activity could damage homes.

Spotting The Signs: How To Identify Termite Infestations

Just mentioning the name "termites" brings fear into the hearts of most homeowners. With a healthy appetite for plant products (wood), these quiet invaders will get right to work chewing through homes unless homeowners watch for signs of their arrival: 

  • One of the first signs of termites is the discovery of mud tubes snaking up the exterior of the house. 
  • Another indication of a termite problem is finding discarded termite wings near windows or doors. 
  • Hollow-sounding wood, when tapped and softened wood that easily crumbles when poked, clearly indicates termites. 
  • Blistered or dark areas on wood and bubbling under paint can indicate termite problems. 
  • Locating tiny holes in wood fixtures is also a sign of termite activities, typically accompanied by small piles of "sawdust" (feces) underneath the drilling hole.

Unfortunately for homeowners, infestations are generally in full swing when signs of termite activity become noticeable. Homeowners with even a tiny suspicion of a termite problem should call in a pest professional like Gecko Pest Control for an inspection; the sooner a termite problem gets addressed, the better.

Termite Damage: Impacts On Structural Integrity

Homeowners can take comfort in knowing that termite damages won't bring down their house overnight, but leaving infestations untreated is unwise. Termites are the ultimate workers; they stay busy 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

Colonies range from 60,000 to over a million members. Even colonies considered on the small side can consume 1/5 ounce of wood daily; that's equivalent to removing just over two feet of a 2x4 annually. If termites are left untreated, severe structural damage can occur within three to eight years. In extreme cases, termites can literally cause a home to collapse. 

Needless to say, it's crucial not to let a termite infestation go untreated. Wise homeowners can partner with a trusted and reliable pest professional like Gecko Pest Control to ensure their home is and stays termite-free.

Proactive Measures: Preventing Termite Invasions

Homeowners can help make their homes less attractive to termites by getting proactive. When homeowners routinely monitor their homes and incorporate a few simple preventative tips, their preventive measures won't go unrewarded.

Some simple tips that can help deter active termites from Kilgore homes include:

  • Eliminate leaks (gutters, downspouts, pipes, plumbing fixtures).
  • Use a dehumidifier or ventilate high moisture-prone rooms and other spaces.
  • Ensure the wood attached to your home doesn't rest on the ground. (No wood-to-ground contact.)
  • Use caulking to seal any cracks, gaps, or crevices in your foundation and siding.
  • Never bury wood in your yard; don't stack wood debris or firewood near your house.

Removing things (wood and moisture) that tempt termites to invade homes is always good, but termites are tenacious when hunting for food and moisture sources. If termites break through your preventative barriers, it's good to know that a local termite company like Gecko Pest Control is nearby and ready to help.

Calling In The Experts: Professional Termite Control

Even professionals agree that termites are challenging insects to eliminate from homes, so homeowners should always use a pest professional like Gecko Pest Control to ensure removal. Our reliable pest control company has provided superior termite treatments for 20 years. We are family-owned and fully invested in our local communities. 

We are proud to offer the "Gecko Experience," which means we provide professional termite control services with a personal touch. Reach out today to get started and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Kilgore.