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Spider Prevention Made Easy: A Comprehensive Guide For Carthage Homes

common house spider on wall

Are you worried about spiders? These pests are something to be worried about. They are not always a problem, however. Many local species do not threaten homeowners. What they do is build annoying webs indoors and frighten people with their presence. If you are sick and tired of finding spiders inside your Carthage home, here are some prevention methods to keep them out.

For guaranteed removal or prevention, call in our team at Gecko Pest Control. We have amazing options for pest control in Carthage and would love to offer you assistance dealing with these pests inside and around your home.

Types Of Spiders: A Guide To The Most Common Species

Carthage is home to several different types of spiders. To save you some time today, we are not going to break down each individual species. Instead, we want you to know about four common and problematic species, starting with the house spider.

The house spider is a common web-building spider with a large abdomen. They are typically yellow with a white pattern on their body. Black widow spiders have the same shape as house spiders but are much bigger. Their bodies are black, and they have an hourglass-shaped mark on the underside of their abdomen. Brown recluses are small, brown ground spiders with a backward violin-shaped mark behind their heads. They are often mistaken for other common spiders. Finally, the cellar spider has long, spindly legs and a tiny body. If you want help identifying what kinds of spiders are inside your home, let us help you find out. 

Issues Caused By Spiders In The House: Webs, Bites And Inconvenience

Not every spider poses a threat to your life. Even the two dangerous spiders in Carthage, brown recluse and black widow spiders, do not have life-threatening bites. This does not mean they cannot cause a severe amount of pain and discomfort with their venom. If a spider ever bites you and you start to feel moderate to severe pain, seek medical attention to avoid more serious symptoms.

One of the biggest frustrations that comes with spiders is their webs. Some species build webs everywhere. This is extremely annoying and is a reason in and of itself to want to keep these pests away. 

Spider-Proofing Tips: Protecting Your Home And Family

You do not have to live with spiders inside your home. If these pests are not currently indoors and causing trouble, there are lots of things that will help you keep them out.

Here are some of the best tips and tricks to prevent spiders.

  • Use a caulking gun to fill in holes, gaps, and cracks around your home’s exterior foundation.
  • Invest in weatherstripping and door sweeps to seal exterior doors and windows.
  • Turn off exterior lights at night.
  • Keep unscreened windows and doors closed when you are not using them.

For even more protection, consider the benefits of professional spider control in Carthage.

Professional Spider Control: Expert Solutions For A Web-Free Home

There are so many good reasons to invest in professional pest control. If you are tired of dealing with spiders inside your home, our team at Gecko Pest Control is here to help.

We will find out what species you are dealing with and offer some short and long-term options to get and keep these pests out. If you want comprehensive control for a wide range of pests, we have options for this as well. Reach out to Gecko Pest Control to find out more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Carthage or to make an appointment.