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Don't Struggle With Pesky Rats In Hallsville... We Can Help!

rat eating seeds

Rats are some of the biggest pests that can invade your home. Rats have a high degree of dietary and habitat flexibility, can run fast for their size, detect danger from significant distances, and prefer to live together in communal groups. These traits help rats survive in the wild but also explain why rat infestations can sometimes get out of hand in urban environments.

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Common Rat Species: Identifying Different Types Of Rats 

Here are some of the types of rats that may come to visit your Hallsville home: 

  • Roof rats: These rats get their names from their propensity to climb and the fact that they tend to build their nests in eaves and attics. Roof rats are among the smallest of the rat species.

  • Norway rats: Norway rats are the largest rat species. They generally prefer to nest outside but willingly come inside when the weather turns cold. These rats can measure up to 8 inches long, are brown, and have shorter tails than their bodies.

  • Brown rats: These large, distinctly brown rats have tails roughly the same length as their bodies and are one of the most common rats in the area.

Several types of rats may come to visit your home, but you only need one company to deal with them: Gecko Pest Control. Contact us today because we know how to get rid of rats.

Why Are Rats Considered Dangerous?

Rats hair and droppings can provoke allergies in susceptible individuals. Rats can introduce you to dangerous pathogens because they often explore dirty, filthy places like garbage and sewers and can get exposed to pathogens there. 

Rats are powerful and can use their sharp incisors to damage pipes, cables, wires, walls, and even furniture while exploring. Finally, rats can contaminate your pantry with droppings and by chewing through food containers while exploring.

The best way to get rid of rats is to get in touch with Gecko Pest Control. One call can do it all when it comes to making rats go away.

Professional Rat Control: The Most Effective Elimination Solution

When you need rat removal, you have two choices. On one hand, you can attempt to address the infestation with ineffective DIY pest control techniques that have a slim chance of completely eliminating it. Rat infestations can be complex and challenging to manage for the average homeowner, who doesn’t possess the knowledge and experience to safely and effectively deal with rats.

Gecko Pest Control starts with a comprehensive inspection of your home. We report our findings to you to help you understand what you are up against. Following that, we administer proven, science-based treatments that have a history of success not only in eliminating rats but also in keeping them from returning in the future.

Gecko Pest Control is your one-stop solution for rat infestations. Contact us today.

The Last Step Is To Prevent The Rats From Coming Back

Here are some ways to decrease the chances of a rat infestation returning:

  • Eliminate clutter: Eliminating clutter, especially outside your home, is an easy way to avoid attracting rats.

  • Toss or seal garbage: Exposed garbage in or around your home is highly attractive to rats. Eliminate it or seal it tightly to avoid attracting hungry rats.

  • Seal your home: Rats can exploit openings outside your home to gain easy access inside. Sealing all potential entry points into your home can help you decrease the likelihood that rats can get inside.

These tips can help eliminate the chance that rats may visit you. However, if you find yourself facing a rat infestation, you can rely on Gecko Pest Control to help you eliminate them. 

Call us today for fast, efficient rat management.