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For many people, when it comes to pests, there is nothing worse than a spider. They might not like bugs of any kind, but there is something about spiders that instills fear in a lot of people. When you have entire movies being made about them, you know that spiders are a pest most people don't want to deal with. 

Knowing that spiders are not typically aggressive isn't any comfort when you see a big, hairy one running across your floor. Neither is knowing that most spiders in the Longview and Marshall area are relatively harmless. Although most spiders will bite if provoked, the majority of them are not dangerous. Even so, the professionals at Gecko Pest Control understand and agree with your need for a spider-free home. Spiders don't belong in your home, nor do they belong all around the exterior of your house. Whether dangerous or not, Gecko Pest Control provides spider control in Longview and Marshall to protect your home and family from spiders of all kinds. From exterior spider web removal to interior treatments to get rid of a spider infestation, our expert professionals will take care of all of your spider control needs.

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A spider infestation in your house will steal your peace of mind. Even if you're not afraid of spiders, you still don't want to find them all over your home. Furthermore, if black widow or brown recluse spiders have found their way onto your property, your spider problem quickly becomes more serious as you must get rid of these dangerous spiders before your family is put at risk.

To get rid of spiders, contact Gecko Pest Control. We offer the services you need to stop spiders that are already in your house and to prevent new infestations from occurring. We'll begin by inspecting your home to see what species of spiders are present, what areas they're choosing to live in, and how they're getting inside. We'll inspect outside your house as well since most spider infestations begin outdoors before moving inside.

Once we understand the unique aspects of your spider problem, we'll implement a plan to eliminate the spiders that are in and around your house while also putting measures in place to prevent new spiders from getting inside in the future. As part of our spider control, we will also sweep webs off the exterior of your house.

Our spider control can be done as a stand-alone treatment or included in a general pest control plan to protect your home from a variety of common household pests.

Frequently Asked Questions

Spiders cause a variety of problems around Longview and Marshall homes. First, they tend to make a mess with their webs. Although this is more of an annoyance than a serious problem, it's still frustrating to deal with. 

The presence of spiders can be an indication of another problem in your house. Spiders often come inside in search of food or water. If they find these things, they'll stick around. That means if you have a spider problem, you might also have other pests or a moisture problem in your house.

Spiders are also a problem because they bite. While some spider bites are simply painful and aren't typically dangerous, there are also venomous spiders in Texas that you need to be aware of and careful to avoid.

At Gecko Pest Control, we stand behind our treatments. We've been working for over 20 years to deliver effective pest control services to our customers. In those 20 years, we've learned a lot about how to effectively treat homes for a variety of different pests. We only use the best treatment methods and products to treat your home for spiders. You can rest assured that regardless of the species of spiders that have found their way onto your property and into your house, our spider control service will take care of your spider control needs.

If you are looking for natural ways to get rid of spiders, it's worth taking some steps to make your house less attractive to them. Try the following tips to prevent spiders from getting into your house:

  • Make sure you don't have other pests in your house.
  • Seal cracks, holes, and gaps in your foundation and exterior walls. 
  • Reduce moisture and humidity in and around your house and fix leaking fixtures and pipes.
  • Store firewood at least 20 feet away from your exterior.
  • Reduce clutter both inside and outside your home.

If you're still seeing spiders in or around your house after implementing these measures, contact Gecko Pest Control for services you can trust.

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