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Reliable Pest Control In Waskom, TX

A surprisingly limited number of people have experienced the magic of Waskom, TX. A total of 1,900 people live in proximity of this town, riding the Texas / Louisiana state line and hugging the corners of nearby Jonesville. There may not be lots to do around town, but there's certainly lots to see, and the warm and friendly characters about town are enough to warm even the toughest customers.

It seems there's an element of old-world magic here in Waskom. However, there are a number of things that are not quite so magical about living in this town, including the presence of pest activity. Thousands of different pest species lie in wait around our homes and businesses, many of them capable of inflicting serious damage to our homes, yards, and businesses. Protecting your property for the ones you love with a comprehensive approach to pest control is exactly where the team at Gecko Pest Control comes into play.

Gecko Pest Control offers residential, commercial, and additional pest control to locals all over Waskom. We specialize in identifying, removing, and controlling pests like fleas, ants, and mosquitoes and offer some of the best tools in the industry to serve your home or business.

You can get pest control in Waskom with nothing but a brief phone call. Get in touch with our team today to inquire about a quote for local pest control services.

Residential Pest Control In Waskom

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Homeowners in Waskom know it isn't a question of 'if' you'll need pest control for their local home; instead, it's a question of 'when.' There are many dangerous pests in this area, and the absence of a reliable pest control team can mean serious damage to your home and property.

Gecko Pest Control offers a variety of residential pest control services to address any situation and uses some of the most efficient pest control products on the market today. We specialize in traditional and advanced techniques to eliminate pests of all kinds and will be more than happy to serve you however you need. Just let us know how we can be helpful!

You can give Gecko Pest Control a call today to get started on a plan for your needs.

Commercial Pest Control In Waskom

Businesses in Waskom need to be particularly careful when it comes to pests. Not only are there the direct damages that can come from an infestation, but there's also the potential for customer complaints and the loss of your reputation. Thousands of business owners have turned to Gecko Pest Control for help in recent years, and we'd be honored to serve you and your customers as well.

Gecko Pest Control offers commercial pest control services tailored specifically to suit your business needs. We provide efficient and effective solutions to any pest problem, and our team is always happy to answer any questions you may have. We aren't just great pest control; we're the best infestation protection around!

Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for your business!

Why Do-It-Yourself Methods Don't Work With Fleas In Waskom

When it comes to flea infestations around your Waskom property, it's natural to consider do-it-yourself pest control methods first. After all, who wants to spend money on a service when you could just get rid of them yourself? However, fleas are pests that require an excellent eye and professional help to remove, although you may not realize it at first.

For example:

  • Fleas are surprisingly hardy creatures. A single flea can lay up to 50 eggs per day, which means that an infestation can become serious very quickly. 
  • Most fleas are surprisingly adept at avoiding traps, making it difficult to remove them without professional help. 
  • DIY pest control methods rarely address the full scope of a flea problem. Some individual fleas may fall prey to DIY products, but not the entire infestation.

In order to get rid of fleas in Waskom, you'll need professional help from Gecko Pest Control. Give us a call to learn more.

Three Easy Ways To Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Waskom Property

It's never been easier to keep mosquitoes away from your Waskom property! All you need is some time, attention, and access to your phone. Here's what you'll do:

  1. Call the team at Gecko Pest Control.
  2. Schedule a mosquito inspection of your yard and garden.
  3. Get regular mosquito control services throughout the active season.

Are you ready to get started? So are we! Get in contact with the crew behind Gecko Pest Control to begin your protection program.

Warning Signs That Your Waskom Home Has Termites

Without question, termites are some of the most devastating pests Waskom homeowners can face. Given enough time and a large colony, termites can cause severe structural and cosmetic damage to people's homes, resulting in thousands of dollars in repairs.

The key to avoiding this fate is to know the warning signs of a termite infestation so you can address the issue before it becomes a problem. Some warning signs you have termites include but aren't limited to:

  • Drooping drywall
  • Hollow sounding wood
  • Pinpoint-sized holes in drywall
  • Buckling wooden floors
  • Loosened tiles
  • Mud tubes
  • Frass

Though the temptation may be there to handle your termite problems on your own, that's a costly mistake. Termites get deep into the building's structure, and it's never a guarantee that DIY products will get every termite, wasting more time and money. That's why professional termite treatments are the best solution, bar none.

Our team has the training and resources needed to determine the extent of your infestation and eliminate it from the premises for termite-free living. Reach out to our Gecko Pest Control today to get started with our termite control services in Waskom.

Why Call The Professionals For Bed Bugs In Waskom

Nothing inspires that cringy feeling more than finding out you have a bed bug infestation on your hands since it's well-known they feed on human blood. These small pests are visible to the naked eye but are still difficult to detect until the population has grown fairly large. To make matters worse, they're resistant to pesticides and are excellent at hiding.

These reasons alone are enough to justify seeking professional bed bug control services. Our team is prepared to jump in and do what it takes to eliminate your bed bug problem so you can sleep peacefully. In addition, we can help prevent future infestations, ensuring bed bugs and other pests are a concern of the past.

Don't let bed bugs ruin your nights a moment longer. Reach out to Gecko Pest Control for top-rated bed bug pest control in Waskom and confidently enjoy bed bug-free living. 

How To Avoid Wasps Around Waskom

When the weather turns warmer, pests come out to play. One pest that's notorious for this behavior is wasps. Wasps usually stick to themselves but have no problem stinging people if they feel threatened, which is often. While the stings are painful for everyone, some people experience worse reactions, making it necessary to keep wasps away for good.

Some ways you can avoid wasps making your home their own are:

  • Proper food handling: Cover food and drinks properly instead of just setting them down outdoors. In addition, it's vital to bring all food inside, including pet food, when you finish.
  • Trash counts: Wasps gravitate to the smells and objects in your trash. Make sure to use a trash can with a sealed lid.
  • Entry points matter: Seal all cracks, holes, and crevices around the home with silicone caulk to keep the wasps from getting inside in the first place.
  • No standing water: Eliminate their water sources, from puddles to clogged gutters and more, to greatly reduce the appeal of your property to wasps.

Despite your best efforts, a wasp invasion can still occur. Don't try to handle them on your own. Instead, remain safe by contacting our team for wasp removal solutions that deliver results without risk to you and your loved ones.

Say goodbye to wasps around your property for good. Reach out to Gecko Pest Control today for wasp removal in Waskom; you'll be back to enjoying the outdoors in no time.

What To Do If You're Seeing Fire Ants Around Your Waskom Property

Most of the time, people largely ignore ants until they become too annoying. However, in the case of fire ants, there's no way to ignore them, thanks to their painful stings. In addition, stings from a fire ant can result in anaphylactic shock for those who are allergic.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to maintain better protection, such as:

  • Seal all entry points around the home, including holes, cracks, and crevices.
  • Eliminate standing water from the property, including puddles, clogged gutters, and birdbaths.
  • Maintain and trim the yard regularly, focusing on the grass, trees, and bushes.
  • Keep all trash in trash cans with sealed, tight-fitting lids.

If you're facing an active infestation, the best way to handle the problem is with professional fire ant control. Our team has the equipment and training needed to eliminate today's fire ant problems while preventing future infestations from occurring.

Don't let the fire ant bites affect you and your loved ones a moment longer. Reach out to Gecko Pest Control for fire ant control solutions that will deliver the results you need fast. We'll have you back to playing in no time.

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"Love this company. Very professional. All there employees are professional, knowledgeable, helpful and just darn nice!"

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"Ryan did a very thorough job in spraying around the house. He walked the exterior of the house with me to learn my specific needs. He was even very helpful to help move the humming bird feeders before this initial spray.  Daren was also very informative I’m explaining the services.  They were able to come out the day I called and were prompt arriving."

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