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Decorating Your Longview Home For The Holidays Without The Pests

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We all want our homes to look bright and festive during the holiday season. However, not many people realize that when it comes time to do our holiday decorating is actually a time of year when we’re at our highest risk of a pest infestation.

Not only are pests looking to invade our warm, toasty homes during this time of year, but they often nest in the storage areas where we’re pulling out our decorations from. That’s why holiday pest control is in your best interest. At Gecko Pest Control, we offer pest control in Longview that you can rely on during every season.

Many Pests Can Still Make An Appearance For The Holidays

Winter is the time of year when many pests can be most active, at least in terms of invading homes. Even in Texas, where our winters are mild, the drop in temperature can send warm-blooded pests like rodents searching for a cozy shelter.

Even if you haven’t seen them scurrying around, you may still have rodents or other pests living in your home and not know it. It’s possible that you haven’t noticed them because they have already hunkered down inside the boxes or storage containers that you keep your Christmas decor in. This is why holiday decorating is often the time when homeowners first realize that pests have been hiding in their garage, attic, basement, or crawl spaces.

If you’re seeing signs of pests in one part of your home, chances are they are hiding elsewhere, too. That’s why it’s better to get a handle on your storage areas before you start the holiday decorating process. For that, turn to Gecko Pest Control for local pest control options, including early inspection services.

A Pest Infestation Can Take The Joy Out Of The Holidays

But what if pests have already invaded your home? You want to get those Christmas lights up quickly so you can start enjoying them, not waste time dealing with a pesky pest infestation. To make matters worse, pests in your decorations can also lead to damage, where rodents chew through electrical wiring or puncture inflatables so that they can’t go up in time for the holidays. That’s why it’s better to leave the whole process to the professionals.

The best seasonal pest control in Longview comes from Gecko Pest Control. Our trained experts can protect your home from pests year-round so you’re ready for the holidays. We can also help guide you through the process of clearing Longview pests out of your storage areas while helping you inspect your lights and decorations so they can bring out the joy of the holidays.

Effective Tips To Help Deck The Halls Without The Pests

It’s always best to turn to the experts for guidance and assistance with seasonal pest concerns. But you’re probably also wondering what steps you can take on your own to reduce your risk of a nasty pest problem putting a damper on your holiday spirit.

Here are some home pest control tips for you to implement before you start the process:

  • Declutter. If you’re tidying up your storage areas in the winter, it’s already too late to have totally avoided pest risks. Instead, you should do this in the early fall, before the pests have been incentivized to seek out cramped hiding spots.
  • Access Points. Another way to keep pests out is, well… to keep them out! You should regularly check your home for cracks or access points around doors, windows, and exterior walls. Make repairs if needed, and don’t assume that tiny pests can’t fit through tiny access points.
  • Inspections. Again, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Turn to the professionals for pest inspections so you can rest easy knowing that pest problems are caught early or aren’t forming before the holidays are upon you.

To enjoy a pest-free holiday, let Gecko Pest Control help with all your holiday pest control needs.

The Stress-Free Way To A Pest-Free Holiday

If you’re still wondering what the easiest way is to get rid of pests in your Longview home, look no further than Gecko Pest Control. We back our services with a 30-day guarantee, so if you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll keep coming back until you are. We also offer annual guarantees for our year-round pest service. For peace of mind this holiday season, call on Gecko Pest Control for home pest control services in Longview.