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Ant Control In Carthage: The Role Of Sealing Cracks And Crevices In Ant Prevention

Ants eating paste off a plate

The more people there are inside a home, the more crowded it seems. The same thing can be said about pests like ants. When these bugs are around, living areas become more stressful and packed. The question is, how can you properly deal with these insects before they cause too much trouble?

Here are some things you should consider about ant control in Carthage and what options you have to prevent these bugs. Call Gecko Pest Control now if you would like to learn about our professional offerings. We will find a treatment plan that will best take care of these or other insects that are taking over your living areas.

Understanding Carthage's Ant Species And Nesting Habits

Many different species of ants live here in Carthage. Most cause problems as they scavenge for food inside and around local homes. Some common types of ants you should know about include fire ants, little black ants, and carpenter ants.

All three of these pests can create nests around your property or inside your home. Carpenter ants take this a step further by building their nests into the structural wood of buildings. If any of these three common species invade your home, expect them to cause problems. Little black ants contaminate food, fire ants bite and sting, and carpenter ants cause extensive property damage. We would like to help you avoid these problems by offering some reliable options for ant control.

Landscaping With Pest Control In Mind

There are lots of things you can do to reduce your chances of finding ants around your yard. Some of these things include watering your grass regularly, trimming back bushes and tree branches away from your home’s exterior, and addressing areas of moisture buildup.

What does not work is planting “ant-repellant” plants. We have found that this is not a thorough way to combat these pests. If you would like the most effective ant control in Carthage, talk with our team. We will share some of our treatment strategies with you and find one that will best solve your ant problems. 

Sealing Cracks In Windows And Doors: Targeted Prevention

One great option you have to prevent ants from getting into your home involves exclusion work. Here are some great tips and tricks to seal your home’s exterior so that these pests cannot get indoors.

  • Use some silicone caulk to fill in holes, gaps, and cracks around your home’s exterior foundation.
  • Repair damage to windows and doors and make sure they have proper seals.
  • Replace damaged window and door screens.
  • Fill in spacing around vents, pipes, and electrical wires around your home’s exterior.
  • Keep unscreened windows and doors closed when you are not using them.

Talk with our team at Gecko Pest Control to learn how we help locals deal with and avoid ant infestations.

Professional Assistance: Solutions For Stubborn Ant Issues

Ant extermination does not have to be challenging. If you have been seeing these bugs skittering around inside your home, do not hesitate to get our team at Gecko Pest Control involved. We have the tools and training to deal with all sorts of common pests here in Carthage and would be happy to assist you with whatever species of ants you are up against. All you have to do is get in touch with our team.

Call us at Gecko Pest Control to learn more about our Carthage ant control. We will answer any questions you have about our services and help you find an option that will best work for you and your home.